Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Tall Tower of Genesis 11

TALL    TaLOOL    Tahf-Lamed-Vav-Lamed

TALL-ool                   תלול               [TLL]

ROOTS: Falling short once again, the best our dictionaries can offer for TALL (high in stature) is Middle English tal (dexterous, seemly) and Anglo-Saxon getoel (swift, prompt). 

The AHD adds to this tall tale with the IE “root” del-2 (to recount, count), making TALL a cognate of TALK and TALE.  The ATLAS MOUNTAINS are neither short nor talkative.


The usual Latin Lovers are silent about altus (high…tall). Without Edenics and its vast proof of  reversible words there is no way ALTO (tall) is TL reversed. The Italian musical term ALTO means "high" not, tall, but you will see much proof  here that dental-liquid or liquid-dental is the sound of height.

תלול TaLOOL is "towering" in the "tall towering mountain" of Ezekiel 17:22.  תל TeL is a height, hill or heap (Deut. 13:17).   תל אביב Tel Aviv means "the hill of spring." The archeological mounds left from ruined ancient cities are a תל TaiL, TEL in English. Towers are towering, see the related ת-ר Tahf-Resh words at “TOWER.”  

תלמי TALMI is an Anakite giant in Numbers 13:22 and Joshua 15:14.    

The TL designed opposite of a tall or heaped-up mound is the underground    תלםTeLeM, furrow, trench  (Psalms 65:11).  Other engineered  dental-liquid  opposites are    צלל TSaLaL, to sink, settle to the bottom [TEAL], and דלה DaLaH, hanging down  [TAIL]. Other drooping or suspended  dental-liquid  words are at “ATLAS.”

Liquid-dental opposites in sub-roots include ירד   YaRahD, to descend, decline [ROOT].


BRANCHES:  ALT, ALTO (high singing) and ALTITUDE (height above sea level) are currently thought to be cognates of OLD,  German alt is old. The older child or cornstalk is the TALLER one. But instead of having an IE "root" for TALL, and discovering that synonyms can be reversals, the above words are fled under the absurd "root" al-3 (to grow, nourish).  This may be just another case of academic dullness, or people smart enough to know that reversals are neurological, as if from a Tower of Babel incident. This doesn’t fit Historical Linguistics, and the whole house of cards, tenure and govt. funding to turn America Marxist could all come crashing down. Better to just feed the naïve masses something inane. The clowns in caps and gowns know that they are the high priests of Western “culture.” They can impress with some jargon, and get away with wild fabrications.

 We’ll start to build a tall tower of TL/LT “high” words. Please add bricks from your languages.


Altaic (Turkic, Tung., Mongolian)

named by the tall ALTAI Mountains of Central Asia

high mountain names include Atlas and Italy

Apache, Native Amer., Athabascan

dzil, mountain

dental shift, T to D


tall, hill

תלל TaLahL, a vertical heap


tawil, tall

ו Vav in David is Ar.  DaWouD

Bantu:Venda (S. Africa)

thula, crest, top of hill

dental shift, T to TH

Catalan/ Italic

turó, hill

liquid shift, L to R

Cherokee /Amerind

a-ta-li, mountain

תל TeL,  mound, heap  

English (used in archeology)

tel, mound of an ancient city

borrowed from Semitic


tiurr, tioor, a heap, high-water mark; torr, mound, large heap

liquid shift, L to R

Gamalaraay /ext. Austral. Aborigine

thuyul , hill

or Kamilaroi          [Regina W.]


telamōn, pillar in a man-shape

(a pillar uplifts)

Hindi /Indic (india)

teela, a hill

תל TeL,  mound, heap  

Hindi from Sanskrit 

ut-tāl,  peaking as a wave


Kasmiri / Dardic (India)

d.e_r, a heap for storage

dental  and liquid  shift


altus, height, source of ALTITUDE

Edenic TeL reversed

Mayan / Mexico

telam, mountain; t’i'eel, a heap

תל TeL,  mound, heap  [F. Aedo]

Mayan (Huastec, Tsotzil)

t’i’aal, to heap up;  toyol, high

תלל TaLahL, to heap up   [F.A.]

Marshalese/ Austronesian

dohl, tol, mountain in 2 dialects


Mon-Khmer (Cambodia)

tawel, tall; təːl, on high ground    



thulo , large,big

תלל TaLahL, vertically heaped

New Latin (medicine)

telo- the elevation of capillaries

an unhealthy swelling up




Polynesian < Divehi (Indo-Aryan of the Maldives)

ATOLL, from atolu , a heap of coral forming a lagoon island

used by English, ATOLL is also thought to be from Sanskrit

Punjabi/ Indic

at.a_la_,platform, mound, heap

תל TeL,  mound, heap  


altillo, hillock

תל TeL reversed


torr, belly; torrach, pregnant

tal,  tall  has no liquid shift

Zulu (southeast Africa / Bantu)

duli, a high place or eminence

dental shift, T to D

20 reversals to liquid-dental “heap, hill or tall” words are at the “TALL”  entry