Wednesday, February 1, 2017



Humanity goes into moral bankruptcy in Chapter 11 (of Genesis).  It is no coincidence that the Tower of Babel episode (and subsequent breakup of the population, then of our single land mass -- referred to in 10:25) follows the Creator’s Wrest and Wreck-Creation executive action of the Deluge. 

All the traumatized descendants of Noah had the issues of 2nd generation Holocaust survivors. Getting away from Mt Ararat, where Noah’s ark landed, they traveled SE and found a large, flat valley near the Euphrates River.  This location, Shinar (Sumer) was perfect for a vast city. The site of Sumer was lost for millennia, so the Torah had to refer to the known Babel of centuries later.  In this utopian metropolis all the huddled people could feel secure, and get revenge on the Creator that made them feel like vulnerable creations. 

Be ethical or die?  Oh yeah, Big Guy, our so-called invisible and invincible Deity,  who made YOU the boss of us?  Power to the people! We know how to make bricks. We’re technical geniuses. We don’t need Your stones and wood. Tower-builders of the world, unite!

 They wanted more than a Bernie Sanders, or even a Vladimir Putin.  As Supreme Leader, they followed the mighty hunter, the man-god dictator Nimrod, their Kim Jong-il.

Generations earlier, Noah was spiritually advanced enough to hear the voice of an unseeable Creator.  But his grandchildren lapsed to the idolatrous notion of wanting some kind of visible Son-of-the-Creator, like a Pharoah or Greek hero.  Someone powerful but real, who knew pain and death, and could empathize with mortals.  The lockstep unity provided by this proto-Pyonyang  dictator and its tall tower of Kremlin-like centralization gave the traumatized post-Deluge generation some much-needed confidence, even a measure of in-Your-face mojo.

The step-pyramid or ziggurat, oldest in what we now call Iraq -- but somehow found everywhere from Egypt to South America --  had climbable steps.  It was an artificial mountain (remember the valley)  to get high enough to survive the next Deluge. The Ziggurat adds to our understanding of the tower-builders’ defiance of the Lord.  Like today, the amoral majority resent a Creator who holds people responsible for moral behavior.  To prevent the species from becoming North Koreans under a Kim Jon Il,  HaShem introduced multiculturalism.  After the Tower of Babel-babble , even a cult-of-personality superstar like Hitler could not extend real control beyond German-speaking Germany and Austria.  Neighbors like the Ukranians loved the Jew-killing part, but Slavic-speakers weren't going to ally too closely with a country that speaks a weird gibberish.

Globalism and Esperanto?  Babelonian-like pipe dreams are pipe bombs for the Free Will  human spirit of individualism and entrepreneurship.  Yes, our global Edenics team works towards discovering the one Divinely-Designed Biblical source of our human language, fulfilling Zephaniah 3:8.  But I see all people acknowledging Edenic, more than exclusively speaking it.