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Ancient Egyptian-from-Edenic

Ancient Egyptian  (Afro-Asiatic; more Hamitic than Semitic) --  Al L. Ansley

Key to romanized Hebrew Aleph-Bet:
Vowels in lower case. Root letters in Upper Case with [brackets] around unpronounced letters or non-historic ones in the
 derivative language.  5 Hebrew letters have end-forms.

 Aleph א = A or any Upper Case VOWEL, Betב  = B, Bhet = BH or (V),
 Gimel  ג= G, Dalet = ד D,  Hey  ה= H, Vav  ו= V, OO or OA, Zayinז  = Z,
  Het   ח= [K]H or K[H], Tetט  = DT, Yod  י= Y,  Kahf כ,ך K, Khaf = KH,
 Lamed  ל= L, Memמ,ם  = M, Noonנ ,ן = N, Samekh  ס= $,
 Ayin  ע= bracketed UPPER CASE [VOWEL] or GH, Peyפ,ף  = P,
 Phey = PH or F,  Zaddi  צ,ץ= TS (always read ST in European),
 Koof  ק= Q,  Raish  ר= R or WR, Shin  ש= SH, Sin = S,  Tahf   ת= T, TH, or (S)

Symbol Key:
<  is “ultimately from the Edenic word ___.”
The [bracketed] word at end of an entry indicates an English cognate, and what to look up for more info in the E-Word: Edenics Digital Dictionary. The bracketed word, CAPITALIZED, indicates an entry name to see. Entries provide Biblical citations and/or Semitic cognates as further source words, relevant roots and cognates from other languages.

S = letter shifts: [all vowels are interchangeable, no shifts needed]
S-B = bilabial shift [interchangeable lip letters: B, F, V, W],
S-F = fricative shift [interchangeable whistling letters: Soft-C, S,TS]  
S-G = guttural shift [interchangeable throat letters: Hard-C,G, K,Q]
S-D = dental shift [interchangeable tooth letters: D, T, TS]
S-L = liquid shift [interchangeable tongue letters: L,R]
S-N = nasal shift  [interchangeable nose letters: M,N]

N = nasalization (extra M or N inserted in the root).
M = metathesis (root letters switch places). Example: M132 means that merk (to mark) takes the 1st, 3rd, then 2nd root consonant (no vowels) of נכר, to recognize (shift from Noon/N to M) and  מכיר  MaKeeYR (acquaintance)
ß  or  rev. = reverse the (root letters of) the Edenic source word
B  = a borrowing from another modern language
An unbolded part of the word is unrelated to the Edenic source word or root

Entry Key:

1. Egyptian word    2.meaning    3. required shift (if any) or other Babel-babble effect 4. ultimate Edenic source
__5.meaning of the Edenic word in English
  6.  see “ “ -- the E-Word CD Dictionary entry to find cognates, Biblical citations, etc.            

< = ultimately from.  (For the immediate source, like Latin or an English borrowing, consult an ordinary dictionary.) 

Aiutu, father  < dental drop from popular double-dental source of
     DaD/DADDY and tata/taty  <   ידיד  YiDeeYD, dear friend and דוד
     DOAD, uncle, any male  doting relative. [DAD]        See Itf.

Aman and nun, water; origin; mwt, mother, matrix <  עין  [A]YiN,
      water source, S-N      מיאMaYAh,  water in Aramaic (Edenic always uses
      plural  מים MaYiM, waters. American Indian “water” words also double
      an M;    אםEM, mother, matrix  [MAMA, MIAMI]

Amen  (as Greek Ammon, older name for Zeus or Jupiter and the faith in
    powerful humanlike gods.   Not borrowed from Egypt is Hindi mannais,
    to accept, agree, believe. All are from   אמן AhMaiN, AMEN, statement
    that one  believes,  agrees and accepts.  האמין H’EMeeYN is to believe.

Amer, to love (as Latin amare) < חם  [K]HaM, warmth (emotional warmth
       too),    חמוד  [K]HaMOOD, dear  [AMITY]

Atum, the Creator (as Norse supreme diety and Creator Odin) < S-D   S-N
     אדון   ADOAN  (master, as in   עולם אדון  ADOAN [O]ALahM, Master of
     the Universe in Hebrew liturgy)  [ADONIS]

ANKH,  a cross with a loop which was a symbol of life or ‘nh < ß
      guttural-nasal חיים K[H]aYiM, life [ANCHOR]

At, minute; hat, a second; unnut, an hour  <  עת[A]iT, a time [ETERNITY]

Cn, beautiful  <  חן K[H]aiN, grace, attractiveness  [AMITY]

Crq, to bend  <  S-G כרע KaRaGH, to bend  [CRINGE]

dbHw,  measure for offerings (as Quechua tupu, a  measure)
    < S-B  טפח   DTaPHa[K]H  (hand breath)  [PENTAGON]

Djw, five < ß    יד    YahD, (five-fingered)  hand [JET]

Dm,  sharp, and to pierce (as “tooth” in Comanche and Hopi is tama, and in
       Latin is dente)    <  S-D S-N   צן  TSaiN is a barb, thorn, briar [TINE]

Dns, heavy < M132 דשן DaSHeN, fat   [DENSE]

Ewlad misri, children of Egypt  <   יליד מצריםYiLeeYD MiTSRaYiM,
    (those born in  Egypt…children of Egypt  [LAD]; the SR/TS-R root
      means oppression, STRess [STRESS]

Et- ta, the land  < 1.  אדמה ADaMaH, land, soil (N drop) [MUD[;
      2.   ארץAReTS,    land, country   (R drop) [EARTH]

Gp, cloud <  עב  GHahBH, cloud    [FOG]

Grdn, axe      <  S-G  קרדם QaRDoaM, ax  [CARD]   

Hega-khase,  "rulers from foreign lands…"  said to be the origin of the name
     "Hyksos  < מנהיג MaNHeeYG, leader +  חוץ  K[H]OOTS, the outside

hm  to get hot < חם [K]HaM, hot   [CALM]

Horus, the Egyptian sun god, (Greek rendition of ancient Egyptian)
     <  חרס     [K]HeRe$, sun  (Job 9:6)   See hot, daytime word below

mt, woman <  חמוד  [K]HaMooD, desired , lovely [HANDSOME]

hpr, to create, produce  <  M213  S-L  פעל  PaGHahL, to make [FACULTY]

rd, child < S-L  ילד  YeLeD, boy, child [LAD]

Hru, day  <  חרה [K]HaRaH, burning   [CHAR] (Japanese mid-day is hiru)

Hrw   evening   <   S-B  ערב GHeRe(V), evening    [EVENING]
       For more ע Ayin/GH as H, see “RAVEN.”

Hryt   terror, dread, respect <   רעד RaGHahD, trembling from fear
     [TERROR]  FA

Hs , pig   <  S-F  חזיר  [K]HaZeeYR, pig  [HYOSCYMINE]

 Ħt, ḫt wood, tree, branch  < עץ  GHaiTS, tree, wood ; חטר , branch,
      stick [ASH TREE]

sb, count < חשב  [K]HaSHahBH, to calculate [GUESS]

Ink, I  <  אנכי AhNoaKHeeY (formal) I, 1st person pronoun [ME]

Itif, “as a father” Old Kingdom title for vizier of Pharoah. If could be a “father” word from אב AhB (father) , especially if “it” is any kind of prefix.
 See aiutu.

jꜥ, moon <  liquid drop     ירח YaReya[K]H, moon [YEAR]

jmn, right  <  ימין YaMeeN, right-hand. Benjamin is a father’s or anyone’s
     right-hand man  [MANUAL] 

Jnk, I    < אנכי   ANoaKHeeY, formal “I” pro. [ME[

JNN, we <  אנו  ANOO (pronounced an-noo) [NOSTRATIC]

Jtrw, river  < M132    יאור    Y’oWR, river as canal system, the Nile
     )Exodus 41:1)    [RIO GRANDE]

 kara, horn  <  קרן  QeReN, horn [CORNUCOPIA, UNICORN

 Kem, black < חום   K[H]OOM, brown; the children of  חם K[H]aM (Ham)
      are  blacks,  or  brown-skinned Africans ] CALM[   --see kmt

kmj-t,  a sticky GUM or resin first produced from lakeside plants
    <  אגם AGahM, lake  [OCEAN]

labi, lion  <  לביא  LaBHeeYE, lion [LEOPARD

Kmt, Egypt < ancestor חם K[H]aM, Ham  [CALM] -- see kem

Maat or Ma'at is truth, the goddess of truth,  and the ordered
 harmony of justice    <אמת  EMeT, truth [AMENABLE] 
           from a query of Eugene Chaffin and response by author James D. Long

m , to burn  <  ß    חמם ]K[HaMeM, to warm up  [CALM]

mj , who < מי  MeeY, who (pro.)

mrkbt, chariot < מרכבה  MeRKaBHaH, chariot  [CAR]

Mt, death < מות MOOT, death [CHECHMATE, MEAT]

mwt, mother <  ß    אם EM, mother  [MAMA]
      The extra wt in the Egyptian may anticipate  Latin Mater, German
      Mutter and English mother. הדר HaDaR, honorable and  אדר ADaR,
      noble add up to MWT or MTR meaning “esteemed mother. “ Dear” goes
      back to Old Germanic forms of German teuer (dear, expensive) where  "dear"
        was  emotional preciousness, as in טייַער Yiddish tyer (dear).  [Regina Werling]
            See  Aman

Mwt , to die MaVeT

Nefer, beauty   (as in queen NEFRETITI)  < 1.  The N-F is the assumed
    “beauty” element < ß נאוה Na’AVeH , beautiful, fair, good
     (seen in NEFertiti)  [BONNY]; 2.   the F-R <  פאר  P’ER,   (beauty)
      at [FAIR], 2. the N-F sexier  נואף NOAEF meaning [NYMPHET]

nfj, blow  NaFaSH, to blow , HeyNeeYF, to fan, to swing

nḏt, tooth   dent < reverse  צן TSaiN, a barb, thorn or biting,toothed snare;  
    שן SHeN  is a tooth       [TINE]

Nhn, child  <  נין NeeYN, descendant  [El NINO]
nik is a serpent demon  < נחש   NaK[H]aSH, serpent; while  nehes is to  
   mutter incantation, נחוש  NeeK[H]OOSH (divination, sorcery)
   [SNAKE]    FA

Nisut or nsw, ruler  <  נשיאNaSeeYE, prince, lit. the exalted one
     --Exodus 22:27

Nj, not (Old and Middle E) <   AiN

Nfy,  fan  <  נפה  NaFaH, fan (F-N reversed) [FAN]

Nmc, sleep  <  נום NOOM,  to drowse or slumber  [NUMB]

Nn, not; nun , nothingness <  אין  AYN means "there is no" or "none"

nq, to flow < נהר  NaHahR, to flow [NIAGRA

Nttn, you (plural) <   אתן ATeN, you (plural f.);   אתם ATeM, you (plural m.)

Ntrj, natron (as Greek nitron,  native soda, NATRON)
     < נתר  NeTeR, cleansing material  [NITROGEN]

Prt, fruit, seed < פרות  P(H)ayROAT, fruit, progeny  [FRUIT]

Psh    daugter   <  S-F  בת Bah(S), daughter

Qeres, sepulchre (as German Grab, grave) <   קבר Qe(V)eR, grave

Qm   reed  < S-N  קנה  QaNeH, reed  [CANE

Qqtj, tree bark < חוץ K[H]OOTS, outside  [HIDE]

Qs, bone <   S-G S-F  עצם GHeTSeM, bone  [OSTEOMA]

Ra, sun god (Chinese  ri is sun, ruo is light)  <   ß   אור   OWR, light

Rasau, head   <  ראש ROASH     [SIRE

rm, man, human <   אדם ADaM

sbꜣ, star <  זב ZeeBH, shine

Se   lake, body of water (as Dutch zee and English SEA) < זעה  Zay[A]H,
     sweat… salty water

Serapis, god of the lower world (as borrowed by the Greeks and Romans)
     <  שרף  SaRaPH, fiery serpent [SERPENT] and to burn [SAFFRON]

 s-f-ḥ-w, seven <  (dental drop) שבת  SHaBahT, Sabbath,
      a group of seven     [FA]

Šfw, to swell <  צבה  TSaBHaH, to swell [SWELL]

SHnTY, acacia tree  < N  שטה SHeeDTaH, acacia tree, SHITTAH, (the
       wood for the tabernacle  Exodus 25:5)  [ACACIA]

Shsh   1.  linen < שש  SHaiSH, fine white Egyptian linen or byssus,
       Gen. 41:42;    2. שש Rejoice < SahS, rejoice [PEGASUS
        –- Chi. Demotic Dict.

Shav   value  <  שוה   SHahVaH, equal [value] of, comparable [value] to

sherit , a small piece of something, a SHARD (as Polish sierota, orphan)
    <  שריד  SaReeYD (remnant)  [RESIDUE]

S3b, jackal  <  זאב  Z’EBH, wolf… wild canine [SEEP

Shu, wind   <    נשבNaSHa(V), to blow; נשף   NaSHahF, to blow, breathe,
    exhale;    שאף SHah’ahF, to pant, aspire [SOUFFLE]

shy, dry (as Welsh sychu)  < צחה TSeeK[H]eH, thirsty, parched
    [SACK (dry)]

Sm, breath (as Afrikaans asem,breath)  < אשם   ESoaM means
    “I will breathe"  in Isaiah 42:14  [ANIMUS]

Sn, smell  סם

Snwj, two  < SH,NaYiM

S-shgr  mounted courier <  M321   רכש  ReKHeSH, swift horse

Stp,  to cut up  (animal meat) < S-B קצב QaTSahBH, to cut (into shape)
    later a  קצב QaTSahBH meant a  butcher; חצב [K]HaTSaBH is for
    chopping  wood or stone  [CHOP]

šfw, swell   [SWELL

Tatta, eternity (see At above) < S-D   עד  [A]hD, forever [ETERNITY]

Tchena-t,  vase  (as Maya tzonot, a hollowed limestone storage vessel,
    a CENOTE)     <  צנצנת     TSiN’TSeNeT, large storage jar  [STEIN]

tf, to burn  < תוף TOOPH an "obsolete" root akin to Chaldean (Aramaic)  תפי  TiPHeeY (hearth, to burn). [TEPID]   [FA]

Thoth, the god of wisdom and learning,  is available from דעת DaGHaT
       or Da’[A]TH [ORTHODOX]

Tnhr, hawk  (as Mayan Ts’om, buzzard) <  ß נץ  NaiTS. falcon [NEST]

Tp, head  <  צף TSahPH, to be on top, to float, cover or look from a height

Wdj, push < M312   דחף    DaK[H]ahF, to push

wt (four-legged animals)  < ß  S-B  צבי  TS’(V)eeY,  “deer”  [BEAST

Wr ,  great (as VERY)  < ß  S-B   רב RaBH, plenty, much  [RIFE]

wt,    green, flourishing  < either Resh-Tet or a reversed Bhet-Tet of רטב
    RaDToa(V), moist, wet, juicy  [WATER[

Yar, canal; the Nile (a large canal system) < יאור  YeOR (the Nile in Genesis
    41:1, canal) [RIO Grande]   (na)are “water”. Source of Berber gyer.

*ym is the  proposed word for “sea” or “ocean” < ים YahM, ocean    [MIAMI]  Dr. D.J. Leonardi

tf, to burn  Chicago Demotic Dictionary)
dwf, to burn (Ibid)
DAf, to heat, burn (Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, Raymond O. Faulkner)j
bet, to burn, to burn incense (reverse dental-bilabial, An Egyptian Hieroglyphic
Dictionary, Budge)
tauf, to be hot, burning, fiery ( Ibid)
tauf and taf --  furnace, kiln, oven (Ibid)
tep, to burn, fire, flame (Ibid)
tchaff, to be hot, to burn, to be angry, to roast (Ibid) <  [TEPID
COPTIC  (David Leonardi, PhD, Historical Linguistics)

aft  two  , <   ב BeT, letter and number two [BOTH]
anok  I <  אנכי    ANoaKHeeY, (formal  I  -- Exodus 20:2)  [ME]   
esoou  sheep < 1.שה  SeH, lamb  [DJL]; 2.   כשב (K)eSe(V), sheep  [OVIS]
Ham, craftsman < חכם  [K]HaKHaM, skillful, wise [ACUMEN]
klom   crown  < 1.  S-L S-N  קרן  QeReN, horn (headpiece of majesty, more
      stylized that Vikings wearing cow horns);      2.  ß מלך  MeLeKH (king,
      “the crown”) fully reversed [DJL].   [CROWN]
knte   fig <   M321  S-G  תאנה Te’eNaH, fig  [FIG[
Koupr, flower <   M312   פרח PeRaK[H], flower [FRUIT]
Maau , mother < ß אם   EM [MAMA]
Mashe, be gone < מוש MOOSH, to withdraw, depart  [MISS]
Moou, water <  Aramaic מיא  MaYAh, Hebr, only the plural מים  MahYeeM [MIAMI]
Nay, the present time, moment  <  נא NAh, added to requests, meaning
     “please do it soon”  [NOW]
Ra, sun < ß  אור  OAR, light [AURA]
Sabe, wise person <  סביר  $a(V)eeYR, a savvy, sapient man of reason or logician.  
šašf , seven <   M132, fricative ת Sahf  שבת  SHaBaT, Sabbath, any group of seven 
     [SEPTEMBER]  FA  
Se.  yes (… I have it) <  יש   YeSH, have  [IS]
Shemshe  servant < שמש SHaMahSH (servant, sexton; the verb of ministering
       is in Daniel 7:10 )  [SUMMON]
Shom, summer <  שמש SHeMeSH, sun; שנה SHaNaH, year [SUN]
Snau, two <  שני SHaiNeeY, second;  שנים  SHNaYeeM, two [CHANGE]
Tom, shut, silent < אטום  ADTOOM, sealed up;  דומם DOAMaiM, silent ]TOMB, DUMB[
Tpe, upper part; top, edge, end < תועפה TOA’[A]PHaH, heights;  צףTSaPH, to float above
     צפה  TSeePaH, a cover or TOP; צפוי   TSeePOOY (covering, plating, TOPing)  [TOP]
Tsabo, to instruct < צו  TSahBH, to command [BID]