Monday, February 20, 2017



Only Hebrew was carved in stone.  English spelling was a chaotic, individual affair until dictionaries arose to standardize spelling.  (Just read The Mayflower Contract.)
Once the scholarly tyrants of the dictionary decided apon an etymology, like SCHEME coming from Latin and Greek schema (form), they RIGGED THE SYSTEM.

Now, put into authoritative print,  this whistling-nose-made or fricative-nasal word of planning would be spelled like schema, even though there is a weak logical connection between intending something, hatching a plot, and forming, say a castle from beach sand. Even if you like the logic, a radical ignorance of history is required to think that so many English words were classical, rather than Germanic, and, ultimately, Semitic (the now acknowledged source of literacy) in greater antiquity.

Sincere, clueless critics of Edenics EMeTology will reject our Biblical Hebrew etymologies out of hand simply because the shoddy mistake is SPELLED out right there in the holy dictionary. These same people take political news in the NY Times as truthful because this politically correct propaganda rag used to be the newspaper of record several decades ago.

 ZaMaM זמם is the SCHEMING of the false witnesses of  Deuteronomy 19:16.  The Supreme Courts of the U.S. and Israel did not invent weaponizing the justice system. There is     זמה ZeeMaH (thought, purpose --  Psalms 21:12). That verse (JPS translation), begins: “For they SCHEMED against you.”

Or, SCHEME might be a forgotten Biblical borrowing (like COLOSSUS from GoLYuS/Goliath)  if it came from the vengeful, violent but somewhat justified plot against the pro-rape, anti-Israel (they go together) town of  שכם Shechem in Genesis 34. The “settlers” Simon and Levi were forced to kill to rescue their kidnapped (a capital crime) and raped sister Dinah, and the plan of the townsmen was to “take their daughters” (34:21) and destroy the clan with intermarriage.
The disguised falsity of a SCHEMED SHAM, may be related. The AHD writes that SHAM may be related to “shame.” If only it were true that the SCHEMERS of a SHAM had any shame. We’ll ask CNN.