Sunday, March 5, 2017

your source of C H E E R

CHEER       OaSHeR        Aleph-Shin-Resh
OWE- share       אשר      [OSH-RàCH-R]
ROOTS:  The happiness of CHEER got pushed down to the third definition by loud usage at taverns and arenas. The roaring, racist soccor fans who rule etymology will print the most bizzare “research,” as long as they can CHEER  (root for) white, non-Semitic sources for their words. Thus the AHD presents as the tymology for CHEER Old French chiere (face); Late Latin and Greek kara (head) and the make-believe IE “root” ker-1 (horn, head… given source of Greek koruphē, head and English CRANIUM).

These illogical “sources” of CHEER are based on real words of ancient pedigree, such as Syriac and Jewish Aramaic קרקפתא  KaRKaPHTAh, skull, crown of head, scalp, and  קרן QeReN, horn… source of CROWN, CRANIUM, etc. -- see “UNICORN.”
The faceless source of  CHEER (happiness) is  אשר  OaSHeR , happiness, gaiety, joy (Genesis 30:13). 

Also spelled  אושר OaWSHeR, Divine Design links happiness to   עשר [O]wSHeR (wealth) and  אוצר OWTSeR (treasure -- see “ STORE”). This reflects the healthy, happy embrace of wealth in Hebraic culture,  sadly foreign to cultures who want to keep the masses mired in pious, powerless, hapless poverty.  Most global words for happiness are not from the active joy of self-made wealth (and this S-R root), but a passive word of fate and luck, like Norwegian lykke or Swedish lycka . Sadly, these cultures merely have to passively hope for a winning lottery ticket, a  חלק  [K]HeYLeQ, a fated portion. See “LUCK.”

BRANCHES: The CHEERY beery bum,  audible sense of CHEERING and CHARADE might be influenced by     שר SHahR (to sing or chant).  There is a natural upswelling of  שירה SHeeYRaH, song, which accompanies happiness. Witness the Sing of the Sea in Exodus 15, The singing canary is a serin in French. To sing in Turkish is arki (pronounced: sharki).  [Erhan Berber] .  See “SIREN.”

S-R happiness is mostly found in Slavic:  Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian  and Slovene sreća,  sreḱa in Macedonian.