Friday, December 18, 2015

Words from Sudan, Uganga and Congo That Teach You Hebrew

 Bari - Edenic (Biblical Hebrew + Aramaic)       
(Bari is a Nilotic language of the Karo people, South Sudan, N.W. Uganda, and Congo)
 -- Sworo Emanuel (on FB), Isaac Mozeson
The Edenics Sound-Color Key:                       
bilabial lip letters: B, F, V, W],
fricative whistling letters: Soft C,S,TS]  
guttural throat letters: Hard C,G,K,Q]
dental  tooth letters: D, T, TS]
liquid tongue letters: L,R]
nasal nose letters: M,N]
Symbols Key:
N nasalization, extra M or N added to root
M312 = metathesis of 3rd, then 1st, then second root consonant of the Edenic
ß  = reverse the Edenic

Barara ,  take something along;  Baru, bring something along  <  העביר
      H’[E]BHeeYR,  to bring over, to transport, to ferry  [FERRY] 

BoRju,  strife < M312  ריב ReeYBH, contension, strife [RIFT]
Budu, wedding  < בטח BeeDTa[K]H, insurance, faith, trust <    [WED]
Dip, to immerse in liquid (not a borrowing) < טבע  DTaBH[A]h, to sink,
        immerse [DIP]

Do, you (2nd per. pronoun, sing.) <   אתה ATaH, you  [THOU]  see TA below

'Doro,  fall (singular); Dïrön, to sink, submerge < ß רד   RaiD, to go down
Dula,  to bow < Tsadi-to-D Aramaic shift   צלל TSaLaL, to duck, dive  [TEAL]  
Dwöt, bull < Resh-to-W shift   ß תור ToWR, bull [TAURUS
Geli, collarbone < עול  GHOAL is a collar, yoke or neck [COLLAR]
Gor,  spear (m.) , war (f.) <  חרב K[H]eRe(V), the sword, war [HARPOON
goroma = wall  <  Vav-to-R shift (see “MARROW”)  חומה [K]HoWMaH (wall –
      Exodus 14:22)   -- Basque wall is orma--  [CHECKMATE]

gworo,  throat  <  M132  גרון GaRoWN, throat  [GARGLE]

Ka'dee,  only < יחידי YiK[H]eeYDeeY, sole, alone, the only one [EACH  

kaggu ,  to cut through something <  חקק K[H]aQahQ, to cut, engrave [HACK]
KaRe, river < S-L   נחל Na[K]HaL, stream, wadi; S-G נהר  NaHaR, river

KeLo =  fried < קלי  QiLeeY, roasted [CALORIE

 kene =  branch;  könin =  arm / hand  <  קנה QaNeH, stem, stalk, branch off a stem
       (or torso… like GaM, leg, from Italian) [CANE] 

KiD, shoulder ;  Dï , shoulders  <  S-D כתף   KaTeF , shoulder [CUSP]

 Könn, hand <  ß  נגע NaG[A]h, to touch, reach, strike [KNOCK

kiSuM, poison <  סם$ahM, poison <  Aramaic-Syriac  סמא  $aMAh, poison

KöJu , in the past; kaje,  yesterday < היה HaYaH, was [YESTERDAY]
 Konge,  eye < עין GHaYiN, eye [EYE[
KuRju, cultivating, digging, ploughing < כור KooR (dig); חרש K[H]aReSH,
      to plow    [HORSE

Kutuk ,  pointed end (tip of a knife) <  קצה QiTSeH, edge [COAST]
LinG,  all <  N  ß     כל KahL, all [ALL]
Loguya,  crown < ß עגל  [E]GoaL, circle, as in a round tiara  [GEAR
loKoRe,  meat or flesh <   עור GHOAR, skin, flesh [CORIUM
LoKWe, raven < M213     ערב   GHoaRe(V), raven [RAVEN]
Mam, water (Murle dialect);  Moju , to drink < מים  MaYiM, waters; Aramaic מיא
       MaYAh, water [MIAMI

mere is a hill or mountain < ß  רמה RaMaH is a height or hill [RUM]
naKWAN, wife; nanaraKWaN/ nanaKWaN, female <  M231 נקבה NiQai(V)aH,
       female [CAVITY

NuKa, buried, laid to rest (in the grave) <  נח NaK[H], rest [HAUNT]
Parara,  light < S-B     בער  Ba’[E]R, burn [BURN
pelo, to roast  <   בער  Ba’[E]R, burn [BURN
rac , bad <  רע R’GHah, bad  [WRONG]
Rekin , to divorce < ß  or M321 of  נכר NeeKaiR, to treat as a stranger] NEGRO[
Rupu, to take shelter under something < עריף [A]ReeYF, cloud cover  [ROOF]
ryema ,  heavy and long rain < רענן   Ra’[A]hNahN, lushly green (vegetation)

Si'Daet is seat, and Si'Daki is to sit, settle, dwell < שת SHahT, to set; buttocks
      (seat); יסד   Ya$ahD, to found, to establish [SEAT]

swöT1, ear;  swöT  means  “side or direction” <  צד TSahD (side) [SIDE]
  ) “SIDE” is a fine concept for naming those flaps on the sides of our heads.(

 sara (ordered) ,  saraki ( order to ), sare (you order), saret (law or order),
     sarju  (ordering)  < שר SahR, officer, ruler; שרר SaRahR, to rule [SIRE]

Ta ,  you (pl.) <  אתה ATaH [THOU] See do
Tak, a whole duration or period of time, whether a day (German tag) or a year
        < ß  עת GHaiT,  a time, season [ETERNAL
temba,  measure;  temaki, to measure for < ß  S-D  מד MahD,
    measure [METER]

Tin, gave; Tindya, giving <  תן  TaiN  [DONATE
Tilimöt ,Tölimöt ,  shade, shadow < צל TSaiL, shade [SILHOUETTE
Togeleng, first; Toge-leng, loneliness/oneness; Tung, one only, singular
      <  ß N   חד    KHahD, one [EACH
Tombu, to knock, strike, rap with the hands < תפף ToaP(H)aiP(H) is to TAP a drum  
Tugo, TüK, to tell or report  <  ß  הגיד  HeeGeeYD, to narrate, retell

Twan, death < ß    מות   MaWeT, death [CHECKMATE]
Wet, saw;  kWeyat, revelations  <  הביט  HeeBeeYDT, to look at [VIDEO
Woringo, to turn  < M231  N   עבר GHa(V)aR, to cross over  [VERSE]
'yure, east (the direction of daylight) <  אור OWR, light [AURA