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Even in the economical vocab of Edenic (Pre-Hebrew) there are several ways to mean BURNING, depending on your intention.   As new linguistic clans migrated from Shinar/Sumer/site of the Tower at “Bavel,” they less carefully chose those Edenic terms (which were also somewhat scrambled. Some of the more  identifiable ones are listed below.)

The Edenics Sound-Color Key:

bilabial lip letters: B, F, V, W],
fricative whistling letters: Soft C,S,TS]  
guttural throat letters: Hard C,G,K,Q]
dental  tooth letters: D, T, TS]
liquid tongue letters: L,R]
nasal nose letters: M,N]

These are the more popular Edenic words meaning “TO BURN” that appeared in Google Translate:

 Boa’[A]iR  בער , to burn [entry in the 2016  E-Word Digital Dict. of 1600 pages: BURN]

Bengali Pōā, burn S-B (cognate of PYRE); Danish brænde, burn, bake, roast  (cognate of BRAND); Dutch uitbranden, and blakeren (cognate of BLACK); Estonian põlema, Finnish paraa, scorch, be in flames; French brûler, burn off, scorch (cognate of BROIL); German brennen  (cognate of the firewater we call BRANDY), and verfeuern , to fire (cognate of FIRE);  Greek  περικαίω perikaío , to scorch; Gujurati barna; Icelandic brenna; Indonesian bernyala, to flame; Italian bruciare, to set fire to; Latin  fervo, to boil, seethe, enflame, steam, be agitated (cognate of FERVANT and FEVER),  and  peruro. To enflame, burn up, scorch, and praeuro, burn, a freezer burn or frostbite (cognate of FROST, FRY) ; Malay bakar, roasted, membakar, to burn, cremate; Maori wera, hot; Norwegian brenne, or scald; Romanian frige, to fry; Sundanese bakar, to burn; Swedish bränna; Telugu barn; Yiddish ברענען brenan; Ukranian pryhoryaty and vypalyuvaty, bake.

To BAKE in Irish is bhácáil, which may be from Bet-guttural Ayin-Resh

 K[H]aRaH  חרה , to burn, words of anger and zeal [CHAR, IRE]

Arabic  حرق  harq burn, firing, singe; Basque erre, to burn, smoke; Bosnian goriti, to flame, burn; Bulgarian gorya, to burn, flame;  Croatian gorjeti, to burn, flame, glow: izgori ; Finnish
Kärventää, singe, scorch, sear;   Macedonian; Goret   гореть (burn); Maltese ħaraq; Russian гореть goret' (similar Serbian), broil, blaze;  Slovak horieť, burn, blaze, glow; Slovenian gorijo, burn; Tamil erikka ß;

QaDaK[H] קדח    , to kindle things like a candle    [CAUTERIZE] 
(Note: Ns and Ms often get inserted into roots, called nasalization.)

Albanian djeg (burn, grill, cauterize, bake) < ß;  French incendier, to fire, blaze  (see Latin)   ; Hindi दग्ध Dagdh, burnt out M231;  Hungarian  éget, bake [guttural drop];  Latin  incendo , kindle, inflame ignite   (source of INCENDIARY) ; Malayam kattikkuka , to ignite; Old French cendre, ashes (source of CINDER); Portuguese incendiar (see Latin); Span cauterizar, sear

SaRaF שרף , SEAR, to smelt and refine like SILVER, a flaming angel or SERAPH
Belarusian spaĺv, burn M132  S-L; Bosnian and Croatianspaliti, burn, incinerate M132  S-L;
Czech  Spálit (similar in Slovak) , burn, scorch, sear M132  S-L; If end-Phey dropped: Hausa sale (like SEAR).

[K]HaM  חם , warm [CALM]
  Greek καίομαι  kaíomai, to burn ;  Maidu (Calif. Indian) Hom, boil;  Myanmar kain, to roast, grill, Span quemar, scorch, incinerate (similar in Portuguese); Swahili choma, roast;

TSiLeeY  צלי  , roast    . Latin ustilo  and ustulo , bake, parch, scorch (see “ROAST”).

 QaLeeY  קלי toast, to toast.  [CALORIE]  
Latin caleo, be warm, be toasty, and calor, heat; Spanish  calendar, to warm up

OoWR אור, fire, flame.  Latin combusto, a burn, singe  (cognate of COMBUSTION) < ūrere, to burn, and uro, to bake, toast.

K’VeeYa כויה   , a burn-mark.   Greek  καύμα kávma N, a burn
Do try this at home.
Take a well-nuanced word, and go through google translate, dividing it by sound.  With or without my help, find the Biblical Hebrew words that may be behind each group.
Why just read about next generation’s linguistics, when you can help create it ?