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GREEK from EDENIC (Pre-Hebrew) -- Final Part

 L-V Final Part

1. <   indicates origin in Edenic, the ultimate source of other given roots 
2.  Upper Case letters are root letters; lower case letters aid pronunciation; bolding for focus.
3.  a [bracketed] English word at the end points to an appropriate entry  in the E-WORD: Edenics Digital dictionary.
 At entries are full etymologies, other global cognates, and a Biblical citation (unless the Edenic word is Semitic, but not in the Bible.]

Letter Shift Codes  A menorah of only 7 sounds, as all music is from 7 notes  שנוי בצליל האותיות

S = letter shifts: [all vowels are interchangeable, no shifts needed]
S-B = bilabial shift [interchangeable lip letters: B, F, V, W],
S-F = fricative shift,[interchangeable whistling letters: Soft C,S,TS]  
S-G = guttural shift [interchangeable throat letters: Hard C,G,K,Q]
S-D = dental shift [interchangeable tooth letters: D, T, TS]
S-L = liquid shift [interchangeable tongue letters: L,R]
S-N = nasal shift  [interchangeable nose letters: M,N]

N = nasalization (extra M or N inserted in the root).
M = metathesis (root letters switch places). Example: M132 means that the Greek word takes the 1st, 3rd, then 2nd root then 2nd consonant letter of the Edenic root.
ß = reverse the (root letters of) the Edenic source word
B  = a borrowing from another modern language

Key to Romanized Hebrew Aleph-Bet:
Vowels are in lower case. Root letters in Upper Case with [brackets] around unpronounced letters or non-historic ones in the derivative language.  5 Hebrew letters have end-forms.

Aleph א = A or any Upper Case VOWEL; Betב  = B, Bhet = BH or (V); Gimel  ג= G; Dalet = ד D; Hey  ה= H;
 Vav  ו= V, OO or OA ; Zayinז  = Z;  Het   ח= [K]H or K[H]; Tetט  = DT; Yod  י= Y; Kahf כ,ך = K, Khaf = KH;
 Lamed  ל= L; Memמ,ם  = M;  Noon  נ,ן  = N; Samekh  ס= $; Ayin  ע= bracketed UPPER CASE [VOWEL] or GH;
Peyפ,ף  = P, Phey = PH or F;  Zaddi  צ,ץ= TS (always read ST in European), T or S; Koof  ק= Q;
Raish  ר= R or WR; Shin  ש= SH, Sin = S; Tahf   ת= T, TH, or (S)

lipos λίπος  , fat  < S-B  חלב [K]HeLeBH, fat  [LABIAL]

lýkos λύκος , wolf  <  ß  כלב KeLe(V), canine  [LOBO]

mathema (science) < S-D מדע MaD[A]h, science, knowledge, or mind;
       מד MahD, measure     [METER, MIND]

mēkhanē, device <   מוכני MOOKHNeeY, a wheel-work or derrick was an early “machine” or MECHANICAL
      preparation <מוכן    MOOKHahN, something prepared <  כן KeN, a base [MACHINE]

me με , with <   ß  עם  [E]eM, with [COMMON]

megálo   μεγάλο , large < M213   גמול  GaMOOL, grown large or old (as a ripe fruit, as a weaned baby…
      gammal is aged in Scandinavian languages);    M213   S-L גמור  GaMOOR, complete  [MEGALOMANIAC]

metron, metro μέτρο, measure  < 1. מדה MeeDaH, measure, size, characteristic [METER];
        2. משורה  MiSOORaH, measure  [MEASURE]  RW

mitos , thread    <  מיתר MeYTaR, string, cord, sinew [DIMITY]

myrmex, ant  >  M132 S-N, S-L נמל NaMaL, ant, porter  [FERRY]

mythos  μύθος myth, story <  ß   שמע SHeyM[A]h, report, verbal account, fame   [MYTHOLOGY[

nektos, swimming…(pushing water) < M132 S-D  נדח   NaDaK[H], to push away

nýchta  νύχτα, night < <  נחת  NaK[H]aT,  repose, rest, or "quiet" [NIGHT]

octa, eight <   S-G ח  Het (8th letter, and number 8)  [EIGHT]

okeanós  ωκεανός, ocean  <   אגן   AGahN, basin;  S-N אגם AGahM,  lake [OCEAN]

okholos. Όχλος  a mob, populace  < קהל  QaHaL, a congregated multitude  or assemblage  [CULL]

olympus – see elephas above

omilia   ομιλία, speech  < 1. Aramaic מלל  MaLaL, to speak, say;
       מלה  MeeLaH, word, speech; 2. S-L   אמירה  AMeeYRaH,  speech  [ADMIRAL]

onoma, name  < ß  מנה MoNeH, to appoint [NAME]

 ónos  όνος, ass (she-donkey) < ß   or M132  of  אתון A(S)OAN, ass (she-donkey) [ASSININE]

opto   visible, seen with the OPTIC nerve… οπτικός  optikós <  1. S-B   הביט  HeeBeeYDT, to look at [VIDEO];
      2.  ß   צפה TSaPHaH, to observe [SPY]

orkheisthai, to dance <  רקד RaQaD, to dance  [ORCHESTRA]

orthos, straight <  ß  Shin/SH to TH shift,  ישר YaSHahR, straight [SHEER]

oste, osteon, bone (Latin) <   S-N עצם  [E]TSeM, bone  [OSTEOMA]

pathos, suffering, passion, deep feeling or emotion  (whence PATHETIC and SYMPATHY) 
       <    ß  S-D S-B  טבע  DTaBH[A]h ,  to immerse,   – see bathos

pelegos, sea currents <  פלג  PeLeG, stream  [ARCHIPELAGO]

pente, five, … the IE “root”  penkwe, indicates a lost guttural < M312   חפן  K[H]aPHaN (to take a handful or fistful… a measure of 5 fingers)

petros, stone… , (a piece of a rock)  <   M132 פרט  PRaDT, a particle  [PART]

phainesthai, to appear   <   פנים   PaNiM, surface…the visible plane [PANE]
     see  emfánisi̱

pherein, to carry <  S-B העביר H'[E]BHeeYR, to transport  [BEAR]
philos, love  <    ß  S-B לב, LeBH, heart; לבב   LiBHaBH, “love-struck” [LOVE]

pίst    πίστη,  faith or belief (as in “Ye of little faith”) <  ß    צפה  TSaPHaH, (look out for, anticipate with hope and faith [HOPE]

plekein, to plait, twine, and plektos, twisted  < M231  כפל KaPHahL , to double over [COUPLE]

polis is a city; the IE “root” is pel (citadel, fortified high place) < S-B  עפל  OaPHeL, fortified mound, hill, or citadel [METROPOLIS]

poly, many <   ß  S-B S-L  רב  RahBH, many, a lot  [RIFE

potámi ποτάμι, river  < S-N  פתן PeTHeN, cobra or other snake... what a side-winding river resembles
       from a height [PYTHON]

 poulerikó  πουλερικό, fowl  < S-B   S-L  אפרח EPHRoa[K]H, chick [PULLET]

pous πούς , foot  <  S-F  פשע PaS[A]h, to step  [PACE]

protos, first <   M132 S-D פטר  PeDTeR, the first, opener as the PeDTeR Re[K]HeM,,the “womb opener,” the PROTOtype [PROTO

psyche, mind, spirit <  ß  S-G S-F S-B חשב  K[H]oaSHai(V), to think… the thinker or mind;  נפש  NePHeSH, spirit [PSYCH

psári  ψάρι , fish  <  1.     ,2. פשע, פסע PeS[A]h, Pe$[A]h, step… footstep resembles the common flatfish [PACE]

saliaikos   slug   <  S-F  M132 זחל    ZoaK[H]eL, crawler, slug     [SLUG]

vvato Σάββατο, Saturday,  Sabbath < B  S-B  שבת SHaBaT, Sabbath, Saturday [SABBATICAL]

 seira   σειρα, rope, cord (that which binds)  <  יתר Ye(S)eR, cord; יסר  Ya$ahR, to bind [SARI]

Sitos, food  <  S-F S-D ציד  TSaYiD,  provision, food, game [SATISFY]

sfaíra σφαίρα,  sphere, globe, orb <  ספור $iPHOAR (enumeration, boundary, heavenly realm)  [SPHERES]

skopeîn σκοπεῖν  , to look  < שקף  SHaQahPH, to look at [SCOPE]

skoúpa σκούπα,  a broom <   S-B סחף $aK[H]aPH is to sweep away [SCOPA]

spodos,  spit, skewer for roasting meat <  S-F Aramaic שפודא SHeePOODAh, spit, skewer [SPIT]

 streblos twisted; strephein, to turn [in APOSTROPHE]; strophaligs whirl, whirlwind
               < S-D   Aramaic-Syriac  טרף DTaRaPH, to confuse, mix, beat   [DISTURB]

syn, with <  S-F S-N  צמד TSeMeD, a couple, pair; צמה TSaMaH, braid;
          שניSHaiNeeY, second  [SYNOD]

táv̱ros    ταύρος , bull  <  Aramaic תור  TOAR <  שור SHOAR, bull   [TAURUS]

 telesma (payment), from telein (to complete). The Shin-Lamed-Mem ( which can shift to TLN)  means both to pay and complete.
 There is שלום SHaLoaM (peace or SOLEMNITY) only when a transaction is  שלם SHaLaiM (paid up…thus complete)  [SLAM]

tétarto  τέταρτο, fourth; tetra, #4; tetrás τετράς ,  tetrad (set of 4) < M132  S-D S-L   [DLTàTTR]  דלת  DaLeT, letter and number 4  [DELTA]

thanatos , death < 1. ß S-N   מות MOOTH or  MOOT, death; 2.   S/T shift    שנה  SHayNaH ,sleep  [ETHNIC]

thauma, a miracle, a wonder  <  תמה  ToaMaH or THoaMaH  is astounded or amazed  [ETHNIC]

theca, a case  < S/T shift  שק SahQ, bag, sack, case [ENCASE, SACK]

therapy, medical treatment  <     תרופה  T’ROOPHaH or TH’ROOPHaH, medical treatment [THERAPY

trephein or thréfoun θρέφουν, to nourish  <  טרף DTeRePH, (torn) leaf or prey to eat… הטריף  HeeDT’ReeYPH,
     to give to eat (Proverbs 30:8) [TROPHY]

trias , three (3) is trei < Aramaic  תלתTiLa(S), three <   S-L תלתא   T'La(S)Ah
      is the targum's Aramaic translation of   שלושהSHiLOASHaH (three) [TIRZA RIMA]

Tsakáli  τσακάλι , jackal < S-F S-G  שועל SHOO'GHahL (jackal, mistranslated "fox") [JACKAL]

tursis,  tower  <   טירה  DTeeYRaH, castle, high fortification; ßצור   TSOOR, rock fortress, tower [TOWER

tympanon,  drum <  N  תף ToaP(H), a hand-drum  [TAP]

város   βάρος , weight < גבר  Ga(V)aR, to overpower (Genesis 7:19).  גבור  GeeBOAR  is a man of great wealth,
     power and gravitas, a baron (Ruth 2:1) [BAROMETER]

vathis   (Modern Greek), deep < ß  S-B S-D   טבע   DTaBH[A]h, to immerse, sink [DIP] 
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