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FINNISH- Edenic Part 2 of 2

FINNISH- Edenic Part 2 of 2

Symbol Key:
   <  is “ultimately from the Edenic word ___.”
The [bracketed] word at end of an entry indicates an English cognate, and what to look up for more info in the E-Word: Edenics Digital Dictionary. The bracketed word, CAPITALIZED, indicates an entry name to see. Entries provide Biblical citations and/or Semitic cognates as further source words, relevant roots and cognates from other languages.
Bold indicates the core root being traced to Edenic (the Bible's Proto-Earth).
S = letter shifts: [all vowels are interchangeable, no shifts needed]
S-B = bilabial shift [interchangeable lip letters:
B, F,P,PH, V, W],
S-F = fricative shift,[interchangeable whistling letters: Soft C,S,SH,TS,Z]  
S-G = guttural shift [interchangeable throat letters:
Hard C,G,K,Q]
S-D = dental shift [interchangeable tooth letters: D, T, TS]
S-L = liquid shift [interchangeable tongue letters: L,R]
S-N = nasal shift  [interchangeable nose letters: M,N]

N = nasalization (extra M or N inserted in the root).
M = metathesis (root letters switch places). Example: M132
means that merk (to mark in German) takes the 1st, 3rd, then 2nd root consonant (no vowels) of נכר, to recognize (shift from
Noon/N to M) and מכיר  MaKeeYR (acquaintance)
ß = reverse the (root letters of) the Edenic source word
B  = a borrowing from another modern language
An unbolded part of the Finnish word is treated as nonhistoric,
 or unrelated to the Edenic source word
Entry Key:

1. Finnish word    2.meaning    3. required shift (if any) 4. ultimate Edenic source___5.meaning of the Edenic word in English  6.  [  ] the e-word CD Dictionary entry to find cognates,
 Biblical citations, etc.             

(Part One: A-L, in previous isaacmozeson blogspot)

maailma, world  <   עולם [O]LahM, world  [CLIMATE]
maha, stomach <  מעי M’[E]eY or MiGHeeY , intestine, entrails, "belly" [MAW]
makea, sweet; makeus, sweetness <  (dental dropped) מתוק  MaTOAK, sweet
maksu, payment, fee, charge < S-F מכס  MeKHe$, tax, toll… attested in Akkadian
   miksu, toll, tribute
mansikka, strawberry  < N   מתוק  Ma(S)OAK, sweet     [MUSK]

marja  is a berry  <   מר MahR means bitter in taste and mood  [MARINE]

mauton, without taste, insipid <  ß  טעם DTa’[A]hM, reason, taste [DUMB]
me, (pron.) we (also 3rd pers. in meidan, our and meille, us
   <   S-N  אנו  ANOO, we [NOSTRATIC]
meri, sea <  מר MahR is bitter; מים  MaYiM (water) which is  מריםMaRiM (briny)
     is the source for “the brine” or the saltwater sea  [MARINE]  See röme

merirapu, crab < meri (see above) + rapu (the element meaning crustacean)
   < עקרב [A]QRahBH,   creature with exoskeleton, always translated as
   “scorpion”   [CRAB] . Finnish confirms that a CRAB is a maritime scorpion
    or sea-crustacean. See rapu below.
merk/ki, mark, sign, token < M132  מכר MooKaR is recognized or known;   מכר 
       MaKaR  is an acquaintance … any significant landmark  [MARK]
*metsä, forest, wood  < עץ  [E]TS, tree;  מעץ M’[E]TS, of trees… wood
murhe, sorrow <  מרה  MahRaH, bitterness, grief, sorrow  [MOROSE]
mustikka, blueberry < S-D מתוק  MaTOAK, sweet   [MUSK]
nasta, thumbtack, pin <  נעצוץ  N'[A]TSOOTS is a thornbush [NETTLE]
nauraa, to laugh  < ß רנן RaNaiN, to jubilate [RUNE]
nilkka, ankle, <  ß  Nעקול [E]QOOL, crookedness… source of angle and ankle
narri, a fool ;  narrimainen,  "foolish;"   nuori, young   <  נער Na'[A]R, youth;
      ;  נערות  Na’[A]hROOT is puerility, foolishness or immaturity.  [MORON]
 nokoset, nokkaunet , a nap, short sleep <  נח    NaK[H], to rest, lie
  ojentaa, to hand  < N.  S-D  יד YahD  [JET]
norsu, elephant < M231  S-F  צנור TSiNOAR, pipe (trunk) [SNORKEL]
nuo, those  <  ß  הן  HaiN, those (f.) [THEM]
-on, -un, -less   < AYN, none
ontto, hollow <  S-D    ß   אדן EDeN, socket  [DENT]
ostaa, buy, purchase; ostaja, buyer; osto, buying, purchase; ostos buy; acquisition
     <  חוץ [K]HOOTS,  out…outgoing money, expenditure [COST].
ovela, cunning, sly  <  עול [A](V)eL , injustice  [EVIL]
ovi, door  < S-B  פה PeH, mouth, any opening [OPEN]

pakastas, freeze; pakastin, freezer <  ß    קפא QaPHAh, to freeze, to congeal
   (Exodus 15:8)
pain,  “toward” or “towards”  <  פנה  PaNaH,  to turn a direction [POINT]
räpyttää, räpytellä,  to flutter  <   M213  S-L פלץ PaLahTS, shake, shudder, quake,
        tremble.  [FLUTTER[ [MN]
palo, fire  <  S-B S-L הבער  HeBH[E]R, kindling;  בער Ba’[E]R, to burn
     [BURN, FIRE]
paita, a shirt; peite to cover;  peittää, to cover, top or clothe; peitto, cover, blanket
        <  ß  צפה TSaPHaH, to cover; צפוי TSiPOOY,    a cover [ TOP]
parras, river bank, edge, verge < S-B עבר    AyBHeR,  the side across,
   the far side [FAR]  
patja, mattress <  S-D  אפוד AyPHOAD, padded apron;  פדר PaDeR, animal fat
*pelästyttää, frighten, scare, startle < פלצות PiLaTSooT, shuddering [PALSY]
pettää , to beguile, swindle  <  פתה  PeTaH,  to seduce  [PATIO]
pöllö, owl  < S-B  אבל   ABHaiL, to mourn, wailing cry of the owl  [OWL, WAIL]
poly, dust < S-L  עפר [A]PHaR, dust [FRIABLE]

puoilikas, half; puoliso, spouse, mate; puolittaa, halve, cut in two;
        puolueriita, factionalism, split <  כפל KaFahL, to double over, couple,
       as Semitic, Ethiopic kafala (he divided)   [COUPLE]
purkaa, to unpack, unload, break off <   פרק PaRahQ is to sever, break or remove
puro, brook <  S-B, S-L     יובלYOOBHaL, stream
pysäkki, stop   < Aramaic, PBH (post-biblical-Hebrew) פסק  Pa$ahQ, stop, cease,
       cut off, interrupt    [PASSAGE]
pysty, upright; pystssä, upright; pysttää, to put up, erect; pystyyn, up, upright; pysttää, keep, maintain; pysyvyys, stability, fastness; pysyvä, constant, fast; pys,
     stay, keep, remain  <  ß   S-B  יצב  YaTSaBH is to set up,  הצב  HooTSahBH,
    to establish; נצבה  NiTSaBHaH,  standing, steadfastness; מצב  MooTSaBH,
    entrenched, posted… now a military POST [STABILITY, STUBBORN]  

raivo, rage  <  ß   S-B בער  Boa[E]R (burn)  [BURN]

raata,  drudge, slave, toil <  ß   טרח  DToaRa[K]H, labor, burdensome trouble
raide, track, line  <  ß  דרך DeReKH, road, path, way; טור  DTOAR, row, line
raivo, rage, fury, frenzy <  ß   עברה [E](V)RaH, fury, wrath; S-B בער BA’[E]R,
       to burn [BURN, FURY]
rakas, dear; rakastaa, love  <  ß יקר YaQaR, dear  [CHERISH]
rapu,  the crab or crustacean element;  jokirapu,  crayfish, literally “river-crab;”
   Katkarapu is the Finnish shrimp, prawn.   <  S-B  עקרב [A]QRahBH, scorpion…
   but all hard-shelled sea   creatures    [CRAB[  See merirapu above
reikä, hole  <  ß  חר [K]HoaR is a hole [HOLLOW]
revetä, tear, rip  < M231   DTeRePH
riisi, rice  <  B?  ארז  OaReZ, rice < the Biblical word for packed, bundled
   (like the rice plant) [RICE]
rikas, rich  <  רכוש  RiKHOOSH, wealth  [RICH]
rimi is rhyme;  riimukivi is a runic stone  <  רנן  RaNeN, singing, praying [RUNE]
rivo, lewd < ß  S-L   תבל Te(V)eL, lewd  [LEWD]
ruode, rib  <  ß טור  DTOOR, column, row, line [TIER]
ruukku, pot   <  ß     קערה Q’[A]RaH, bowl  [GALLEY]
 räpyttää, räpytellä is to flutter <   M213 S-L  פלץ   PaLaTS, tremble, shake
     [PALSY]  MN
röme, marsh  < ß   מר MaR, bitter… undrinkable water  [MARINE]  See meri

ryömiä, to creep <  רמש RoaMaiS, to creep [WORM]
sairas, ill, sick; sairaus, illness  < צרה TSaRaH  [SORE]
sakaali, jackal < שועל  SHOOGHaL, fox  [JACKAL]
sarake,  a column; sarja, series, succession, sequence and serial;
     suora,  straight, direct (and right)שורה  >  SHOORaH, series, row;
     see suora below   [SERIES]
serkkum, cousin  <  M231  S-F  קשר QeSHeR, connection
sika, swine, pig    <  ß   חזיר  K[H]aZeeYR, swine, pig  [HYOSCYAMINE]
*silmä,   eye  < M132   סמל $eMeL, image [SIMILE]
sukka, sock, stocking  <  שק  SahQ, bag  [SACK
 sukkela (witty, smart, bright, deft)  <  שכל SeyKHeL , smarts  [SKILL]
 Sulka,  feather <   סלק $aLahQ, to lift, remove; “ascend” in Psalms 139:8.
       Focus here is what feathers do. [“FEATHER,” “SLALOM]
suora,  straight, direct, right  <   ישרYaSHaR, straight, right, just [SERIES]
suru, sorrow <   צער  TS[A]hahR,  pain, SORROW or trouble  [SORE]
tarku , precise, accurate, well-directed; tarkka , on target, direct (as a direct hit)
      S-D  דרך  DeReKH, direction, way  [TARGET]
tavu, syllable < 1.  תו TahV, musical note, from earlier: mark, sign [TAB];
                          2.    תבה Tay(V)aH, word, from earlier: box, ark… Hebrew letters
           (mostly syllables)  are boxy containers [TUB]
te, (pro.) you    <  ß  את  AhT, AhTaH, (pro.) you [THOU]
tiede,  science;  tieto , knowledge, information  < S-D דעת  D[A]’aT, knowledge
tukka, hair <  ß  חוט K[H]OODT, thread, hair [CHAETA]
tuska, pain  (as Japanese tsuku ) <  צוקה  TSOOKaH, distress, affliction  [SICK]
tutti, baby’s pacifier  <  S-D  דד DahD, breast, nipple   [TEAT]

utte and uuttaa, extract <  חוץ [K]HOOTS,  out [EXIT].
vaatteet, clothes; alusvaatteet, underwear  (see alussa) <  S-D  בד  BahD
   or (V)ahD, linen clothes  (Exodus 28:42)
vaikia, difficult, hard, tough;  vaikeasti, with difficulty;  vaikeus, difficulty,
       hardship; vakava, serious, grave <  ß כבד Ka(V)eyD, weighty, serious,
       difficult  [HEFT]
valas, whale  <  S-B בלע BaL[A]h (swallow)  [BALEEN]
valo, light < S-L אור OWR (light)  [EARLY, AURA]
varasto, storehouse <  V from the Vav M132  of   אוצר OWTSahR, storehouse
varhain, early  <   S-B אור OWR (light)  [EARLY]
varis, crow   <  ß   [A]Rai(V), raven, blackbird [RAVEN]
Veli, brother, sibling;  virkaveli, colleague, counterpart,  associate, brother
      < S-L  חבר   [K]HaVeR, friend, associate  [ALGEBRA]

*vatsa, belly, stomach, tummy, abdomen <   BeDTeN, belly, womb
vesi, water; vesiväylä, watercourse; vessa, toilet, loo or john < 1. wash out the
       initial כ Kahf/K of  כבס Ka(V)a$ (to wash) [WASH];  2. ß S-F זוב ZOOBH
      is to flow; a זב ZaBH has a sexual discharge [SEEP] 
väristä,  to tremble <  S-B  S-L   פלץPaLaTS, to tremble or shake  [PALSY]                      
yhdessä,  together ; yhdistyä, unite  (+ 20) <   יחד  Ya[K]HahD  [UNIT, YOGA]
virhe, mistake or error<  עבירה A(V)ayRaH (transgression)
Visas, wise;  viisaus,  wisdom < 1.  The possibly related WISDOM at Indo
       European “root” weid, to see < הביט  HaBeeDT or Ha(V)eeDT means "look!"; 
       הביט HeeBeeYDT is to look or look at;   2) ß   שיבה  SeY(V)aH, aged, hoary-
  headed … as an old “sage” suggests “sagacity;” 3) ß  Aramaicסבר 
  $aVaR, think, opine,understand  [VIDEO, SAVOIR]

verho, curtain <  פרכת   PaRoaKHeT, curtain… space-breaker  [BREAK]
virhe, mistake, error < עבירה A(V)ayRaH (transgression)  [ABERRATION]
vitsa, rod  < M231   שבט  SHay(V)eDT, rod, staff [SWITCH]
yksi, one   <  אחת AK[H]aS, one  f.   [EACH]
yli, above, over; ylin, supreme, uppermost; yllä, on; ylos, up, upwards  <
     על  [A]hL, on, upon, height; עליון [E]LYOAN, highest, The Most High  [ELITE]

A larger final draft of this Finnish List may be an eBook with Hungarian and Saami (Lapland, Arctic Sweden) in the years ahead. Meanwhile, use these Hebrew words to expand your Hebrew vocab, and to send in world cognates.