Sunday, November 4, 2012


NOU(R)ISH        ZOON        Zayin-Vav-Noon
ZUNE_______זון  ______[ZN --> N (+R)S(H)]
ROOTS:  This is one of those entries where the research behind the wannabe Indo-European  “roots” made a connection possible.  The IE “root” of NOURISH is allegedly snāu (to flow, let flow, whence suckle).

The sense of the meaning is weak, and no S-N suckling or flowing words are provided.  But the sound S-N is excellent, since fricative-nasal  זון  ZOON is to nourish (Jeremiah 5:8).  The more common noun is  מזון MaZOAN, food (Genesis 45:23).

BRANCHES:  The cognates of NOURISH are given as NURSE, NURTURE, NUTRIENT, NUTRIMENT, NUTRITION, NUTRICIOUS and NUTRITIVE. If the IE “scholars” seek an N-R root for “flowing,” they could easily find נהר NaHahR, to flow – see “INNERT.”

The Polish zona (wife) is akin to זונה  ZOANaH (prostitute), but not for a  male chauvinist reason.  The  זונה  ZOANaH in Biblical usage indicates a woman who’s food is provided for by clients;  but as a global Edenic root it can also mean she who nourishes, feeds her family. This is not about the Zayin-Noon  sexuality of the “SIN” entry, but about nourishment, or Polish żywność.  The  female, zenski in Polish, is the nourishing gender of Mankind.
זון   ZOON is to nourish; Edenics will not feed tasteless Polish marriage jokes.
The Yiddish and Germanic NOSH (noun and verb of eating) sounds like NOURISH before it grew an extra R. But NOSHING is usually about just a “bite,”… not real NOURISHMENT.  So, any emetology of NOSH  should see the “SNACK” entry and  נשך NaSHaiKH, to bite.

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