Saturday, November 3, 2012

I T A L I A N from E D E N I C , part V

Nana  (sleep)  < S-N  נום  NOOM, slumber  -- see “NUMB”
                  Negozio (store) < M213   גניזה  GiNeeYZaH, storeroom,
                          גנזGaNahZ, to store -- see "MAGAZINE"
          Nido (nest) < S-D    נץ  NaiTS, nest – see “NEST”
             No (no, not, to say “NO”)   < הניא  HayNeeYE and יניא YaNeeYE are verbs translated "disallow" or "said NO to;"     ß אין AYiN is “none”  -- see “NO”
Noi (we, us)  <   אנו ANOO, we;  נו  -NOO (“we” suffix in past tense) – see “NOSTRATIC”
 O  (or)  <     או Owe, or   [OR]
Odore (odor) < 1.  אד AyD, mist, vapor – Genesis 2:6,
        2)  S-G  S-D       קטר QaDTaR is to burn incense or to smoke –    see “CAUTERIZE”
Onda  (wave)  < ß  נד   NaiD (mound) – see “UNDULATION”
Orzo (barley)  <   ארז    OReZ, rice – see “RICE”
Otto  (eight)  < ח   Het, 8th letter and number  -- see “EIGHT”
Palco  (planking and paletta, pallet)  <  פלך  PHeLaKH, section – see “FLAKE”
Parete  (wall)  <   S-D    הפרדה    HaPHRaDaH, separation, partition; פרד PaRaD, to separate, divide
-- see “PARTITION”
Perche  (because)  <   S-B  עבור   [A]BHOOR, for  -- see “FOR”
Perdere (to lose) <  פרד  PoaRahD, separated from… thus missing or lost -- see “PARTITION” and "PERDITION"
Periodo (period) <  for per see above; iodo  < S-D    עת  [A]IT, a period of time  -- see “ETERNAL”
Pompa (pump)  <     S-B  N. אבוב  , ABOOBH, pipe  -- see "PIPE"
Ponente (West), Punto (to point)   <  הפנה  PoaNeH, to point, face towards a direction
   -- see “POINT”
Presto  (early)  <   פרץ   PaRaTS  in (quickly)  --  see  “PRONTO”
Puro (pure)  < בר   BahR, pure – see “PURE”
Quantita (quantity), quanto  (how much) < קמץ  QaMaTS, handful…ancient measurement  -- see “QUANTITY”
Ragno (spider)  <  ארג EReG, to weave – see “RUG”
Sabato (Saturday) < B. שבת   SHaBaT, the Sabbath (before Sunday) – see “SABATICAL”
Sacca (bag)   <  שק  SahQ, bag  -- see SACK”
Scopare (to sweep; scopa is a broom) <סחף    $aK[H]aPH, to sweep away –     Jeremiah  46:15 --  see “SCOPA”
Sesto (one sixth) <   S-F   שש SHaiSH, six  -- see "SIX"
Spazio (space)  <  S-B, S-F  <  שבת  SHaBa(S), interval (primarily in time) --       see “SABATICAL”
Sonno   (sleep) <  S-F   שנה  SHayNaH, sleep   -- see "INSOMNIA"
Sud (south)  <  S-D    תחת   (S)a[K]HaT, below  -- see “SOUTH”

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