Monday, November 5, 2012

I T A L I A N from E D E N I C, part VI of VI

Terra (earth, land, soil) < ß  ארץ AReTS, earth, land, soil
      -- see “EARTH”
Terzo (third) < S-L Aramaic  תלת TiLa(S), three – see “Terzo Rima”
Tino   (vat, tub)  < טנא  TeNEh, huge basket  -- see “TON”
Torre (tower)  <  טירה DTeeYRaH is a TURRET, a fortification
     – see “TOWER”
Traccia (trace, track, trail, mark, impression, footprint, sketch, outline) < דרך DeReKH, way, road, direction – see “DIRECTION”
Trachea (windpipe) <  דרך DeReKH, way, road, direction  – see “DIRECTION)
Tu  (you)  <  ß  אתה  ATaH, you  -- see “THEE”
Uovo (egg) <    S-B  עוף    OAF (fowl) – see “AVIATE”
Urna  (ballot box, urn) <   ארון AROAN, funereal container, coffin, chest – see “URN.”  
Usare (use, make use of) <  עשה   [A]hSayH, make, use – see “USE.”
Uscita  (exit, gate)  < M312 חוץ         K[H]OOTS, outside  -- see “EXIT” 
Vaccaro (cowboy); vacca (cow) < S-B  בוקר  BOAQeR, cowherd;  בקר BaQahR, cattle
     – see “BUCCAROO”
Vedere (to see); veduta (a sight) < הביט HeeBeeYDT, to look at
    – see “VIDEO”
Vigna (vineyard)  <    M213   גפן  GeFeN, vine 
     - see “VINE”
Vigore (strength, force)  <   M213   גבורה Gi(V)OORaH, might  -- see “VIGOR”
Zanna  (tusk, fang)  <   שן  SHeN, tooth – see “TINE”
Zibbibo  (raisin)  <    ß  ב-ש   Bet-Shin,  S-F        יבשYaBeSH, dry
     –    see “BISON,” “WIZEN”
Zoppo   (lame, limping, wobbling), zoppicare – to limp <  ß  פזז PeZahZ – to hop       (with ZIP)    – see “PIZAZZ”
Zucca  (gourd), zucchnino  (zucchini)  <  ß  S-F  S-G    קשוא   QeeSHOOE, cucumber, gourd
     (Numbers 11:5 – see “ZUCCHINI”) [reverse Koof-Shin, fricative shift of Shin to Z]  .
Zufolare  (to whistle), zu’folo  (a whistle)  <   S-L  צפר   TSaFahR – to whistle,  TSiFeeYRaH-      a whistle – see “SPIRIT”
     To double the size of this, take cognates from the French and Spanish lists.     see