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Samson ends it with an embrace.
He brings the house down.
As they say in Hollywood when a movie is done: I'ts a WRAP.

WRAP     LaPH(aPH)      Lamed-Phey-Phey
La-h-FUFF       _   לפף_____[WR-P --> L-PH]
ROOTS:   The pretend Indo-Euro “root” of WRAP is  wer-3  (to turn, bend).  Before Middle English wrappen, to wrap, there was Danish dialectal vravle, to wind.

These are derivable from the Pre-Hebrew Lamed-Phey wrap term. Barnhart, an etymological diction with emphasis on real, historical words, admits that WRAP is “of uncertain origin.” 

לפף  LaPHaPH is to wrap up, envelop, clasp, embrace (EDK).  The Aramaic has the second PH, but not the Syriac לף LaPH or the Arabic laffa (he wrapped up).   Akkadian lippu is wrapping [RW]. The Lamed-Phey root of wrapping and swaddling appears in Leviticus 11:19  with the עטלף [A]DTaLePH  or GHaDTaLePH (the bat, which is all wrapped up in itself most of the day). 

 The Ayin-Tet sub-root is also like a protective WRAP, see “COAT,” or this wrapping is being clasped together (see below).  The scholars have not discovered sub-roots yet. So   לפיפה LiPHeeYPHaH is currently Middle Hebrew, with Semitic equivalents, but with no Biblical text to assert its status as Edenic. 

There are two more Lamed-Pey or Phey words that suggest a sub-root of twisted fast:  לפיד LaPeeYD is a torch, whose wicks are twisted together (see “LAMP”); לפת   LaPHaT is to “embrace” (JPS), twist, clasp or wind around (Judges 16:29).
Samson's final act was to "embrace" the main pillars of the Philistine stadium.  
 To order a fast-food WRAP in Tel Aviv, pare it down to the Arabic laffa.

BRANCHES:  WRAP has dozens of so-called cognates in the AHD, words like BRIAR, RHOMBUS and VERMIN. Entries to see other “cognates” include “DIVERGE,” “VERTIGO” and  “WORM.”  In German Lappen is wrapping material. [RW]      more at and .org

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