Friday, May 14, 2010

Sacred Nesting Places

Nesting? The Creator 'hovers" (Robt. Alter) like a mother bird in Genesis 1:2.

שכן The S-K of שך SoaKH (“enclosure, dwelling”) or even the containment and interiority of a שק SahQ (bag – see “SACK”) [Mark Feffer] + the K-N of קן QaiN (nest or cell, see “KENNEL”) or even the location of כאן K'AhN (here) add up to שכן SHaKHaN (to dwell – see “ENSCONCE.”) The שכינה SHiKHeeYNaH (the Divine Presence embedded in the משכן MiSHKahN (Tabernacle) and Temple is thus an enclosed dwelling, a nesting and embedded force within sacred space. ----------
Posted from Sefad, where even an atheist looks up to the hills in wonder.

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