Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gonna Rock Your World

רגע  RoG[A]h  is to set in motion, or ROCK (like a cradle). The Lord thy God, who STIRRETH up the sea"...Isaiah 51:15. So the Creator ROCKS our world.  K from Gimel/G is a standard guttural or throat-letter shift.
Posted from Sefad where the Sabbath liturgy includes the phrase, "languague, which [the Lord] put in heir mouths" and where I suggested at the Sabbath table that the גלגלתם GiLGiLoaTaM (their head-count, in a census) be also read as GiLGOOLoaTam (their reincarnations). The cansus numbers remain eerily the same, as if souls were re-cycled.

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