Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it's all in the WRIST

צור TSOOR is “to turn,”

so that צואר  TSaVahR (neck) means “that which turns.” 

   The built-in antonym is צור TSOOR, to straighten.


Read backwards, the Resh-Stadi/R-TS (alwasys ST in Europe)

gets us to the body's other designed twister: the WRIST


There are related  "turn" words that are, like Tsadi-Resh/ST-R,

just dental-liquids (tooth-tounge letters).


Words like  דור  DOOR, rim of a wheel, which gave us TIRE,

and   תור    TOOR. to TOUR, what tourists do.


    טור  DTOOR is a row or TIER. 


Every  דור  DOAR, generation, gets its  תור TOAR, turn in line.


Posted from Sfat, the kindest tourist trap.

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