Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the Bika'a Valley, waiting in a Queue, and Sea Level

Back to opposites:  גב  GahBH is a back, hump or hunch. Reverse the guttural-bilabial (throat-lips) sound of   גב  GahBH   and you get a B-G /B-K sound like BACK.


The GIBBON ape has  גבין GaBHeeYN (eyebrows) arched upwards like a  גבנון  GaBHNOAN (mountain peak.) 


גבעה  GiBH[A]H  is  a hill, height. 


But G-B  (guttural-bilabial) reverses to the opposite of that upside-down V-shape, which is like the GABLE of a house. 


בקע BeQ[A]h  is an indentation, valley, split – see  the “VACATE” entry in the Edenics CD Dict.   The Bika'a Valley in Lebanon is thus a redundancy.


 Straightness is also the opposite of conCAVity. So the built-in opposite of this Bet-Koof  bilabial-gutteral   is the music and meaning of the guttural-bilabial   קו  QahV, a straight line.  


If you have waited in line in the U.K. you know what a QUEUE is. 


This  קו  QahV,  straight line, forms the world's most popular word for water (AQUA, and its 100 variations).


Huh?  Isn't water about wavy lines, which is why the human and post-Aleph-Bet glyph for Mem as in MaYiM, water,   is two wavy lines?


Hebrew letters and words are not about primitive perceptions, but about science.

 In Genesis 1:9 and 10 the waters are  קוו  QaBHOO, pooled together, in a מקוהMiQVeH of waters.  The most basic fact about water is that it finds its L E V E L , its קו  QahV, a straight line.  


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