Thursday, April 8, 2010

take-apart, put-together: the Divine Leggos of Edenic sub-roots

Yes, פרט P'RahDT is a PARTicular PART, but the many P-Rs and R-Ps of putting together and taking aPaRt are clearly engineered by some sort of Master Toymaker-Musician-Linguist. 

Let's limit ourselves to some Pey-Resh or Resh-Pey words of sePARation:

You say breaking up is hard to do? There's  FRail, FRiable,  FRAY, FRazzle, dozens of PART words like PARTY and PARTisan, RiP and RuPture. And we won't go to all the bilabial-liquid-guttural (lip-tongue-throat) words like FRACtion.

Name that tune? Where are these words from?

טרף Tet-Resh-Phey means to tear, RIP, and devour prey.  One PRedatory tearing specialty is breaking a neck:  ערף  [A]RaPH

פרד PaRahD is apart. 7 more Pey-Resh verbs of separation.
פרור   PayROOR means a crumb or fragment, and   פרר PaRaR , to crush or break into crumbs .

אפר [A]FahR (ashes) and    עפר  AyFeR (dust) give us fine examples of double roots. In both similar words,  the  פר Pey-Resh sub-root means the crumbled, tiny specks of this post. The אפ Aleph-Phey sub-root means nostrils, nose (Genesis 2:7); while the  עפ Ayin-Phey  sub-root means to fly (Genesis 1:20 – see “AVIATE”).   Ashes are burnt particles that mostly impact our sense of smell, while dust is flying particles.

Aren't there any of those related built-in opposites we've been reading about?

Two examples are תפר  TaFaR , to sew together, and    תרופה
T'ROOPHaH, to put together medically... source of THERAPY.  The root of healing is just Resh-Phey/R-P.

A RHAPSODY from a musical hodge-podge that is loosely tied together is from  רפסודה  RaPSoDaH (raft – II Chronicles 2:15).

See the many P-R and other bilabial-liquid particles at the “BREAK” entry of the Edenics CD Dict. 


Posted from Sefad after an email on the above by Edenics sub-root pioneer Al Ansley of Michigan.

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