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Isn't it Good, Norwegian wood

Quick. Words in Norwegian.  Umm, what's wood?  VED.

OK, that's like English WOOD, it is from    בד  BahD, limb of a tree.  It is in the "BAT" entry. Not the whole tree, but an isolated part. 

 BaDaD בדד

means isolated, DeVIDED.  A wooden BAT is a stick, not a truck.

Even in printing, text which is isolated is a WIDow.


What's up with the Norwegian?


I had to burn and mail some new Edenic CD Dictionaries for new Edenicists in the Old World.  Thankfully, Lightcatcher Books handles  regular orders.


One of the recipients is a new researcher in Norway.  We have a huge German list,  a decent Swedish one, a modest Dutch, and a tiny Danish one.  Germanic languages are well covered.  How am I going to find uniquely Norwegian links to Edenic in just the two hours before the new CDs go out? 


Well, I found some. "Bashful" in Norwegian is Sjenert .  Here was a link to an Edenic word in Biblical Hebrew that we  had not matched up before.    צנע TSeN[A]h means

modesty, humility.  In  Micah 6:8 the prophet tells us that our Creator doesn't want piety, but for us to walk humbly... this Tsadi-Noon word.


What I threw together on the CD that has 1000 pages:



 (more Germanic at German, Dutch and Swedish)


Anedkare, carpenter, the NKR root  is clearer in Swedish anickare and Norwegian anekker.

     <  S-G   נגר  NaGaR, carpenter (Akkadian naggaru, carpenter).  [KNOCK, NICK]

Baere, to carry  < [A]BheeYR, to carry  [BEAR]

(Old Danish) Bar, bare <  BahR  [PURE]

Old Danish) both, booth < BaYiT or BaYiTH, house  [BOOTH]

Barn (Nrw), son  <    BeN, son

Blond (Dan, Nrw), blonde  < M213 metathesis of  לבן LaBHaN, white  [ALBINO]


[teaching Scandinavians about BLONDE ?! Now that's chutspah.]



Borste (Dan, Nrw) brush <  B’ROASH, pine  (needles are the source of brushes) [BRUSH)

Bragne, fern  < BaRQahN , briars  [BRACKEN]

Braende, burn  < N, Bo[E]eR, to burn [BURN]

Borste, brush  < BRoASH, pne tree (whose needles nade the MiieT, hair brush.

Bug/Buk (Dan/Nrw), belly < ß Reverse  QeyBHaH, stomach  [CAVITY]

Efter, after   <  S-B  BaTaR, after in Aramac  [AFTER]

Fyrretrae,  pine tree <  S-B  ברוש BROASH (pine tree)  [BRUSH].

Gammel (Dan, Nrw), old  <   GaMahL. Matured, grown, weaned  [MEGALOMANIAC]

Gulerod, carrot <  GL + RD,  a. gule  <  S-G, S-L  QeReN, horn [UNICORN]

    b.  rod < YaRahD, to go down [ROOT]

Hale, tail  <   S-G, S-L   AhK[H]OAR, rear, buttocks, back  [CARRACK]

Hals   (Dan.Nrw), neck  <   על    GHoaL, yoke, collar  [COLLAR]

Kjele (Nrw), boiler  <   קלי QeLeeY, roast  [CALORIE]

Kold/ Kald (Dan/Nrw), cold  <   GaLiD, congealed  [COLD]

Korect, correct  <  M231 metathesis of DeReKH, direction, thus the right way


Kostbar. Expense  < K[H]OO(T)S,  outside … as in the later K[H]OATSa’AH, expense and expenditure  [COST]

 Kul, coal <  Ge[K]HaL, a burning coal   [COAL]

Kupe, compartment  <   קבה QooBaH, compartment, alcove  [CAB]

Mane (Dan, Nrw)  moon  <   MaNaH, to count  [MONEY]

Nagga (Nwg) to inflict a plague <  

   נגע   NaG[A]h, to inflict;  a plague


Orken, desert  < RaiQ, empty  [DESERTER]

Paere, pear  < P’ReeY, fruit  [FRUIT]

Pude , pilow  < PaDeR, animal fat  [PAD]

Sau  (Nrw), sheep  >  שה SeH, lamb  [OVIS]

Sjenert (Nrw), bashful <    צנע TSeN[A]h, modesty, humility – Micah 6:8

Sur (Dan, Nrw) , sour  <    שאור S’OWR, leavened food  [SOUR]

Suvs,  gravy <  [A]$eey$, juice  [SAUSE]

Tand (Dan), Tann (Norw), tooth   <  Shin/SH to T Aramaic shift  שן SHaiN, tooth [TINE]

Trykke (Dan,Nrw), print   <   S-D  DaRaKH,  to press

Udland, abroad <   1.  (ud)  S- G, S-D   K[H]OOTS, outside [OUT];  2.  (land)  < S-L, S-D , AReTS, land, country  [EARTH] .

     Abroad in Modern Hebrew is   K[H]OOTS-L’AReTS

Ung  (Dan, Nrw), young  <  יונק  YOANaiQ, suckling, child  [YOUNG]


Vaedde  bet  < BeDTa[K]H, surety  [BET]

Vaert (Nrw), was <  עבר [A](V)aR, past   [OVER]

Ved (Nrw), wood <  S-D   בד  BahD, limb of a tree [BAT]
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