Wednesday, March 31, 2010

of Cracks and Crooks

 More built-in opposites:


  בדק BeDeQ is a breach, gap. 

Its opposite via an   M213 metahthesis  and a Bilabial Shift  is דבק  DeBHeQ, welding, soldering together                                                                                                                       


בזז BaZaZ, to steal, EMBEZZLE [BUZZARD] 

   ß Reverse to Zayin-Bhet for זבד   ZeBHeD, source of SPONSOR at the "SPEND"  entry.  Zayin/Z and Bhet/BH shifted to S and P. SPEND also has a nasalization (added N).




בחור Ba[K]HOOR, young man, is the opposite of a   גבר GeBHeR, mature man.  At entries like "BIG"  and "VIRILE.'   These two  bilabial-guttural-liquid opposites are linked via an M313 metathesis, with bilabial and guttural shifts.                            


Heat wave coming to Safed. Can't wait.

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