Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Big Lie, made in the USSR

   בלש  BaLaSH , full grown, ripe,  is the source of  the word for "large" in Russian: BOLSHOI.    The BOLSHOI  Ballet is the Grand or GREAT  Ballet. 


 In the 1917 Revolution the larger party was the Bolsheviks.   The entry in the Edenics CD Dictionary for this is "BOLSHEVIK."


With an  M132  methathesis of       בלש   BaLaSH ,  and with a shift of  liquid (Lamed/L to Resh/R) and a shift of fricative  (Shin /SH to Samekh/$)

we can see the engineered opposite word:    בסר Bo$eR, unripe 


(If some language got there "small" word from this, please let us know.} 


My Russian brother-in-law here in Sefad explained to me that the Bolsheviks were not actually the larger party.  But they called themeselves that for effect.  The Russians have a knack for making propaganda sound like Pravda (truth).


PRT truth sounds like VeRiTy.  We can VERify truth if it is evident, clear as a glass (a VERRE in French.  Al these are from  בר  BahR, pure,  and   ברור    BaROOR  clear.


The  USSR invented a few "liberation movements" to weaken the West back in the 1960s.  Their best fiction was the Palestine Liberation Movement.  The Russians also conocted The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


And that too is hugely popular  in the Arab world, and in the future Arab world

 (now still called Europe),



Posted from Sfat, where I saw 300 pelicans migrating  north, from Africa to Europe,  no, really.

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