Thursday, January 14, 2010


Edenic עבר [A](V)ahR, over, is the ultimate source for the hundreds of words, prefixes and suffixes than mean OVER in both time and space.    
ע Ayin can render a vowel, GH or just H, thus HYPER (from
Greek) and uber (super in German) . ב Bet can be other
bilabials (lip letters), so examples include  FORE- , PHER-
and  PRE- words.
After "OVER" the easiest עבר [A](V)ahR to hear is "ABERRation." When one crosses OVER the line. The biggest historical aberration are the עברים IVRim, the  Hebrews.  Ever since Abraham and his teacher Ever (grandson of Noah), those who live by ethical monotheism are othersiders, from the other side of the cultural and ethical divide.

This missive fired from Sderot, just over from Gaza. 
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> Shalom, Isaac

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