Friday, January 15, 2010

Neurological breakthrogh confirms yet another aspect of Edenics

בית BaYiT is an Edenic house, but a BOOTH in English. אהל OaHeL is an Edenic tent, but an IGLOO in Eskimo. (Guttural shift, Hey/H --> G). Edenic חסוי K[H]ee$OOY or [K]Hee$OOY is a covering, but a CASA, HAUS or HOUSE in Spanish, German and English.

Only sometimes does an Edenic word exactly match its post-Tower-of-Babel derivitive. More often, the words fit a similar theme.

See the recent Physorg, Medicine & Health section:

"Now, a team of Carnegie Mellon University scientists has discovered the beginnings of a neural Rosetta Stone. By combining brain imaging and machine learning techniques, neuroscientists Marcel Just and Vladimir Cherkassky and computer scientists Tom Mitchell and Sandesh Aryal determined how the brain arranges noun representations. "

"Shelter" words like house and apartment slight up the same area during a brain scan. Theme, not dictionary definition. Each culture will think of a fitting word for each concept. That thinking can only be in the homo sapien's original language program (Edenic).
Comprendo, Capische, Fahrshteise, Panimaish, Mayvin, Understand ?

Posted via email from Isaac Mozeson