Saturday, January 16, 2010

seeing boobs behind the shades

שד SHahD is a nurturing breast or teat (Lamentations 4:3), and the name of the deity as hidden, natural nurturer is שדי SHaDahY (Exodus 6:3).
Yet, the same Shin-Dalet שד SHoaD means robbery and oppression (Psalms 12:6), and שד SHaiD is a destructive demon (Deuteronomy 32:17). The 6th def. of SHADE is a phantom or ghost. [see the "SHADE" entry]

More than Edenics offering etymological improvements, note how the same root in Edenic has opposite meanings. Not contradictory, but paradoxical. It's an Eastern thing. Western scholars don't get it, nor do Western-trained Hebraicists.

500 years before Western linguistics would be born, Hebraic scholars were noting this "thing and it's opposite," an engineered phenenon like matter and anti-matter. Certainly the many examples of this demolish the theory that words are just signals, and don't MEAN anything by themselves. Just evolved chimp chatter. Documentation of this is in the Edenics CD III, and will be a chapter in the next edition of The Origin of Speeches.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote. "Words are signs of natural facts."
More Eastern thought, from a student of Brahman wisdom. Emerson is right, but only for the original, pristine homo sapiens language program : Edenic.

Also natural, and very unpuritanical, is the way the Hebrew Bible can equate the Creator with a female, and even a "naughty" part.

The only shameful boobs here are the scholars who won't investigate a theory that doesn't support their flawed curriculum.
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