Wednesday, January 13, 2010

just paths

 שביל SH'BHeeeYL, a path, is related to a שבל Shin-Bet-Lamed verb of moving and a noun meaning the train of a robe.

Like many 3-consonant Edenic words without a prefix or suffix letter, it can be dissected into two sub-roots. Following the Edenics sub-root formula : XYZ = XY + YZ.  Or, in our case, ש-ב Shin-Bet +  ב-ל Bet-:Lamed =  ש-ב-ל Shin-Bet-Lamed.

ש-ב Shin-Bet appears in שוב  SHOOBH, to return.  The built-in opposite of returning is  שביSHiBHeeY (captivity, where the taken person can only long for return).  ב-ל Bet-Lamed appears in  בלה BaLaH, to wear out.  In fact, shifting bilabial (lip letter) Bet/B to W, and shifting liquid (tongue letter)  Lamed/L to R you can see WeaR in BaLaH.

So, what is the Edenic footpath, the שביל SH'BHeeYL? ש-ב SH-BH + ב-ל BL.
                       That which is WORN by RETURN trips. 

Here in semi-rural Sderot, Israel straight paths are more traveled then the circular paved streets.   Happy trails. 

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