Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tel Aviv + Addis Ababa: twin cities

The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa. In Amharic this means “new flower.”  Addis, new, is akin to   חדש [K]HaDaSH, new.   No big deal, Amharic is Semitic.  Ancient Egyptian is also Semitic ,even though it, too, is in Africa.   Now, the ababa part has nothing to do with פרח  PeRaK[H], flower.   Dictionary definitions seldom help when connecting all words to their ultimate origin in Pre-Hebrew or Edenic.

Ababa means flower because   אביב  ABHiBH means springtime.  For the same bloomin’ reason, the month of blossoming is named April – with its PR/FR root seen in words like FRUCTIFY and  פרח  PeRaK[H].

 תל-אביב Tel AVIV means “hill of spring.”  Springtime is a VIVID time of VIVIFICATION and new life.  Many Jewish Ethiopians have found a new life in Israel.  So there’s more than EMeTological coincidence to Addis Ababa and Tel Aviv being twin cities. 

More coincidental is twinning Capetown to Haifa (which means cape), or Ann Arbor to Pardes Chana (which means Ann’s trees).                

   [This missive is fired from Sderot in honor of my Ethiopian neighbors.]

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Posted via email from Isaac Mozeson