Friday, July 13, 2018

A BITE OF P.I.E. (Proto Indo European)

EATING  P.I.E. -- debunking the “INDO-EUROPEAN” thesis)

A “Proto-Indo-European” root (PIE) is a pie-in-the-sky racist myth with not even a single archeological artifact to back up the theory that there was once a single community that was like a 1950s golf club -- no Jews or Blacks allowed.  This pure Indo-European (IE) clan allegedly spoke the common ancestral language of the Albanians, Anatolians (includes Hittite), Balto-Slavic (Russian), Celtic (Irish), Germanic (Dutch), Hellenic (Greek), Indo-Iranians (Sanskrit) and Italic (Latin). The thirteenth branch of “Indo-European is called Tocharian, combining Tocharian A and B. There are 14 branches of the Japhetic family in Genesis 10.  Do the math.

There was one Human Language Program before the Babel-babble in Genesis 11: Edenic. Suddenly, like a light through a prism, in ways that Edenics has begun to document, there were 70 languages/cultures. Just as the continents are still drifting apart, our languages continue to break up.  Multi-lingual multiculturalism saved us, saves us from a global tyrant of a man-god; we have 6000 years to move to the Oneness of a spiritual Creator.
Zephaniah 3:9 suggests that Edenics shall be part of this movement.

The decades of reconstructing the proto roots of these IE branches involved scientists who were head and shoulders above their Pre-Nazi contemporaries, the phrenologists who classified races by skull measurement. When Historical Linguistics began, this language superfamily was called “Indo-Aryan.”  After WWII the “Aryan” word was too blatantly racist.  Moreover, those banned Jews and Blacks were given their own club on the wrong end of town called “Afro-Asiatic.”   Combining the Hamitic and Semitic languages, and obscuring their names, was another way that the Indo-Europeanists could both uphold their Great White Hope, and help people forget the Genesis 10 actual history of the races and languages that were all the Language of Eden (Genesis 11:1) before the neuro-linguistic trauma of the Tower of Shinar/Sumer, referenced as the much later “Babel.”

 Of course there are language superfamilies like Sino-Tibetan, Austronesian and Amerind that may not be alluded to in Genesis. The three sons of Noah, Shem, Ham and Japhet are probably only the 3 primary “colors” of ethnicity, whereas there are more “basic colors” and still more on the color wheel. The next generation of scholars with the next generation of supercomputers and advances in genetics and an Edenics-corrected linguistics should resolve  these issues.
The pace of academic change isn’t that fast despite the age of the internet and social media.  Colleges now pride themselves on protecting students from ideas that challenge the socialist agenda. Hard scientists discovered 20 years ago that agriculture, literacy, and even the first hyoid throat bone for human speech is from the Fertile Crescent of Israel and Jordan. But antipathy for anything Jewish or Biblical is not allowed to upgrade flawed curriculum. So, I’ll have to take a bite out of PIE myself.

from Letter P
theoretical  Indo-European ”root” and its definition
actual Edenic word
(Biblical citation in E-Word entry)
meaning of Edenic word
entry in the         E-Word digital Edenics dictionary to find related words, + global derivatives
Paǝwr, fire
בער B[O]eR, Exodus 3:2 ; בערה  B’[E]RaH
burn; a burning, a fire

Pāl, to feel, shake
FLUTTER-by, the source of BUTTERFLY
פלץ    PHaLahTS     פלצות    PaLaTSOOT "I shudder in panic" in Isaiah 21:4.

to shake;
Past, solid, firm

reverse the core-root of  יצב YaTSahBH  (Deut.  9:2);  נצב NeeTSahBH
(Genesis 19:26
set firmly,  established;
standing, lasting, steadfast,
Pel -2 , to fold
as in FOLD,-fold, triple
כפל, KaPHahL
Exodus 26:9; Genesis 23:9
to fold, to double
Plat, to spread
פרץ, PaRahTS
Gen. 28:14
to spread abroad
Pneu, to breathe
< Greek pneuma, breath, wind, spirit
 הניף HeyNeePH נפה NaPHaH to נפח NaPHa[K]H              
  נפש  NaPHaSH
to wave or fan winnowing fan, to breathe, blow               
 breathe, spirit