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 Part I A : the theoretical PROTO-SEMITIC ROOTS

The menorah of 7 interchangeable world letters/sounds:   lip-made  (red); throat-made (brown), tooth-made (blue), nose-made  (green), tongue-made  (pink), whistling  letters (orange).

The academics have the Semitic family of languages deriving from a prehistoric language from the Near East or North Africa as early as the 5th Century BCE.  Global Edenics data reveals that mysterious language to be a Divinely Designed Human Language Program System gifted to the earliest speakers in the Homo Sapiens homeland called גן עדן   GahN  AyDeN (the Garden of Eden) or just Eden.  The location of Eden is uncertain, but the Sodom-Dead Sea area is called a former “garden of the Lord” in Genesis 13:10. The oldest (un-evolved) hyoid throat bone enabling human speech is from modern-day Israel, and scientists trace literacy to the Fertile Crescent of Israel-Jordan.

So, while all language groups have words with traces of Edenic roots,   Edenic  (Biblical Hebrew and select, uncorrupted Proto-Semitic roots) may be called Semitic for its extensive affinities in both grammar and vocabulary.  But Edenic is pre-Semitic, and pre-everything as it precedes the breakup of both all the language families (Genesis 11:1) and of all the continents (Genesis 10:25).  The above-mentioned location of Proto-Semitic in “the Near East or North Africa” is not wrong.  As Pangaea (Earth’s original single landmass or “dryness”) broke up, the point where Africa, Europe and Asia meet remains Israel.  There is a reason why the Mediterranean was named the “middle of the terra” (the Earth, ארץ   AReTS reversed at Babel-babble).

The Continental Drift of humanity begins with Noah’s sons:  Shem (whence Semite), Ham and Japhet.  These are only the three basic colors.  Semites like the Arabs are both Semitic (from Abraham) and Hamitic (from Egyptian Hagar). There is evidence that some Ancient Egyptians had partial Japhetic genes. Genetic and language familes get more mixed with time.  Within the Austronesian family, there are segments like the Australian Aborigine who have more African componants than the more Asian peoples of the same Pacific region.

There is still more work to be done classifying humans and their languages.  And the Hebrew Bible and Biblical Hebrew will be of help.  Some readers nod in agreement at such a statement, while others scoff with a simpleton’s belief that Bible translations contain most of the document’s essence.   Edenics theory is from documentation of  Intelligent Design unknown to secular Hebraists, and not thought possible to Western “scholars.”  If some of you still entertain the Darwinist-atheist inanity of academia, you need to see You Tubes on the flagellum like:  .    The locomotion of language cells, roots, are also the result of elegant design in the linguistic equivalent of cells.

Since the Age of “Reason” Western  “scholars” no longer study Hebrew.  A modern professor assumes that Hebrew, like Greek, at most offered an entry to an outdated, flawed text of superstition.  So the re-acquisition of ancient wisdom may take a while -- as per Isaiah 28, 29. The Clowns in Caps N’ Gowns  are likely right that West Semitic languages (Old South Arabian, Canaanite and Ethiopic)  and East Semitic languages (Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian) gave rise to later Semitic languages like Aramaic and Amharic. They also try to place Hebrew as a derivative of Phoenician, but such is the ignorant and/or hateful narrative akin to the “Paleo-Hebrew” fiction. See The Origin of Speeches (Lightcatcher Books or Amazon).  The motive behind this Common Error is to debunk the Hebrew Bible, thus the deist idea, and to safeguard the sacred secular nightmares of objective morality and irresponsibility.

A list of wannabe Proto-Semitic roots by John Huehnergard appears in the American Heritage Dictionary (a decidedly Progresssive, Politically Correct  reference favoring sexual perversion, Communism and the usual academic obsession to make Hebrew words appear  like historical, normal, evolved meaningless animal signals like every other language.

In this list of Semitic roots, all Hebrew and Greek letters and some Greek roots are credited to Phoenician (pronounced: Phoney-shian). This northern, culturally insignicant people is the go-to academic euphemism for “Hebrew.” The bias of historical linguists is as valid as UNESCO’s political revisionism.  Hebrew letters are numbers, and there were commercial benefits to teaching the illiterate pre-Greeks how to keep records. Real, hard scientists, trace the beginning of literacy and agriculture (civilization) to the Fertile Crescent, not to the maritime backwater of Phoenicia.

Like Egyptology, Semitic studies are plagued by extinct languages with words of disputed meaning and letters of disputed sound. “Scholars” in search of tenure will create whole cultures out of a few scraps of  clay sheep receits or lying boasts from segments of a stele from an ancient Saddam Hussein. The Indo-Europeanists are no less creative with Linear A and B. Of course Semitists have a large, sophisticated and long-studied literature of the Hebrew Bible  to work with -- but that’s too damn Jewish.

The oldest, authentic Proto-Semitic roots should match Proto-Indo-European roots, and more. The so-called “roots” here that do not display global affinities are the later corruptions.  Edenic roots DO show these global affinities; they are the from the earliest words spoken by homo sapiens.  Here are a sample of the AHD’s Semitic roots:  

BYT  (house).   John Huehnergard will cite BETHEL and BETHLEHM,  while repeating how  Hebrew  ב   Bet and Greek beta are from Phoenician.  Only Hebrew  ב  Bet/Beth/Bai(S), not Phoenician or any Proto-Semitic has the documented, designed versilitity to be the source of a home BASE.  One can get to the IE (Indo-European)  “root” bassus (low) from the Edenic  בית Bai(S), but not from the Proto-Semitic BYT. Then, there is that small house called a BOOTH.  BOOTH is Germanic, not  Semitic. See our “BOOTH” entry in the E-Word Digital Edenics Dictionary (

DBB (housefly).   The Proto-Semitic somehow follows  the meandering  Arabic doubaba ( fly), rather than  the Akkadian zumbu, fly .  ZB, not DB,  is from the nasalized. זבוב    ZiBHOOBH, fly (Ecclesiastes 10:1).     There is an  ע-פ Ayin-Phey root for flying.  The ZB fly, when shooed away,  will always   שב SHahBH, return.  It makes a wide circle  or is  סבב  Samekh-Bhet-Bhet , $aBHaBH (circling….  Source of SWIVEL).  See “SWIVEL.”  The nasalization is a good indication that the Akkadian is a later corruption, but the Arabic corruption is much more severe.  This  ז Zayin/Z –to-D shift  (post Babel-babble corruption) , common in Aramaic,  is seen at  the “AUSCILATE” entry.  AUDIO and AUDIENCE  are from אזן  OaZeN, hearing . Latin audire is to hear.  You may know a     בעל  B’a[A]L or lord of the flies by the name  of BELZEBUB (II Kings 1:2). 

DHB (gold), follows Arabic dahab, gold.  Here is the same  ז  Zayin/Z –to-D shift  (post Babel-babble corruption).  זהב   ZaHaBH is  gold  ( Genesis 24:22 );   צהב is TSaHoa(V), yellow or golden (Leviticus 13:30).      זו   ZeeV (brightness) is found throughout Balto-Slavic.  In a Siouan language of N. America, Tutelo, wāsi means “yellow,” reversing (as expected)  זהב ZaHa(V).  Somali gold , dehab,  was influenced  by Arabic as a regional force in history.  But Edenic gets around the globe only because it was the original language in prehistory.

GPR (to become strong, prevail).  This clearly is the wrong root given here for ALGEBRA. The guttural-bilabial-liquid root for the sets of binary operations of ALGEBRA is  חבר  K[H]eeBaiR (to connect, join, associate). Arabic jabbara, (to force, restore), like Hebrew  גבר GaBHahR )to outweigh, be stronger) is NOT even strong enough to be a forced etymology.  See “ALGEBRA,” “BRIDGE” and “GRAVITY.”

RMY (to throw).  Arabic romaa رمى, to throw or cast; yarmi يرمي , to throw  < רמה  RiMaH, hurl, cast (Exodus 15:21).  Lance is from Latin lancea, traced to Celtic.  Romaa cannot link up to the thrown LANCE, but  רמח   ROAMa[K]H (lance, javelin) can.  The Arabic and Proto-Semitic has los t  an end-guttural.

RP means “mend.”  Not just “heal.” This is why the non-Semitic designed opposites in the “THERAPY” entry includes RIP.  But the Arabic has dropped the lead-T of תפר   TaPHaR (to sew together - Genesis 3:7.  Reverse the RPT  to get Greek rhaptein (to stitch together) . See  “RHAPSODY.”   A RAFT is logs, etc. stitched together (Old Norse).

TQL (to weigh). This root has the same Aramaic letter-shift  (ש Shin-to-T) or corruption of Aramaic  תקל  TiQeL , the weighing term in the handwriting on the wall of Daniel 5:25.  This corruption ruins the link to SCALE.  See “SCALE.”

TRH (to throw, throw away).  Arabic taraha is to throw away. The T-from- Shin corruption or whistling fricative shift from Babel-babble has cast off global cognates.  SLOUGH, to cast off, is Germanic. Edenic  SHLa[K]H  שלח  SHeLaK[H], שלך  SHaLahKH is to cast Proto-Austronesian *sulig “spear,” A SLING is a projectile weapon, and the verb for throwing projectiles.  In Manx a spear or javelin is a shleigh. (SG)
In Scotts Gaelic sleagh is a spear, lance or javelin -- all of which are thrown. The  Indo-European “root” of SLING is slengwh . The “SLOUGH” entry  has IE base sleug (to slip away).

YD (hand).   The Common Error of  “Paleo Hebrew” is again at work. This is the obsession to reduce Hebrew letters to primitive, evolved glyphs.
 If the י Yod were really the Phoenician hand, rather than the Hebrew ten (a small JOT of a mark befitting this crucial number), than the “hand” glyph would resemble  a W.