Friday, March 18, 2016

R E D ... A L E R T !

ROSY    ZoHaR    Zayin-Hey-Resh
ZOE-hurr        זהר      [ZR à RS]
ROOTS: The bright glow of ROSINESS has no real roots.  Latin rosa (red) is thought to come from R-D sources like Greek rhodon and Persian varəda -- see “RED.” No make-believe Indo-European (IE) “root” could be reconstructed for ROSE.
The pink of dawn, not the red of blood, is ROSY and shiny.
For R-fricative illumination we need only reverse זהר  ZoaHahR, which shines “radiant… bright” in Daniel 12:3. See “RISE.”
Illuminating, shedding light on something, is teaching -- as the ZHR of Exodus 18:20. This is why the primier book of kabbalah is titled  זהר  ZoaHahR.

Moral teaching includes warning -- the ZHR of II Kings 6:10.  Both the Zayin-Hey-Resh of glowing pink-red and that of cautionary warning are confirmed in the global data below.

But why in the Language of Nature (Edenic) would “redness” be equivalent to “warning?”  Because in Nature, by the same Designer, r e d animals and plants are poisonous.
זהירות ZiHeeYROOT means “caution.”  In Nature, we can know why הזהיר HeeZHeeYR can mean to shine, to teach and to warn.
BRANCHES: ROSẾ wine or ROSACEA acne is more pink than red, like the ROSEATE glow of dawn.

In Arabic, where a ז Zayin becomes a dental,  it is predictable that Edenic ZHR would shift to tahdhir تحذير .  The language family that seems to best display our (1.) “shining” and (2.) “warning” meanings of זהר  ZoaHahR is Slavic.

זהר  ZoaHahR, brightness, shine  in shining, rosy-pink words.   [JW]
 oŽiaRiť (irradiate, lighten, shine, flame, ray) -- Slovak
RóŻany (rose, rosy, pink) -- Polish
RoZHevyy (pink, rosy, auroral) -- Ukrainian
RoZe (pink) -- Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
RoŽnat (pink) -- Slovenian
RoZov (pink, rose, rosy) -- Bulgarian
RoZova (pink) -- Macedonian
RoZovyy   (pink) -- Russian розовый
RuŽovy (pink) -- Belarusian <-- span="">
RůŽový (pink, rosy, rose) -- Czech, Slovak
ŽáR (candescence) -- Czeck
ZáŘit (shine, radiate) -- Czech
ŽiaRa (effulgence, glare, blaze) -- Slovak
ŽiaRiť (glow, shine, radiate, blaze, twinkle, gleam) -- Slovak
ZoRi  (dawn) -- Macedonian
ZoRza (dawn); wiecZORna (evening glow) -- Polish
ZRači (radiate) -- Macedonian
ZRačiti (to shine, radiate) -- Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

זהיר  ZaHeeYR, careful; to warn; הזהרה HaZHaRaH, caution;  AZHaRaH, warning.  אזהרה

AHStaHRoZhnah   (careful) -- Russian осторожно   < M231
aSCiaRoHa (caution, apprehension) -- Belarusian M132
ASCiaROŽnasć (caution)  -- Belarusian
obeReZHnist (caution) -- Ukrainian M312
opoZaRJajo (warn) -- Slovenian M132
opReZ (caution, heed) -- Bosnian <-- span="">
opRZnost (caution, alertness, vigilance, wariness) -- Croatian <-- span="">
ostoROZHnost (caution) -- Russian осторожность M312
poZoR (caution) -- Czech          
PrzeZORność (caution, forethought) -- Polish
upoZoRiti (warn, caution) -- Serbian      
upoZoRiti (warn, caution) --  Croatian, Serbian
upoZoRniť (warn, remind) -- Slovak