Wednesday, June 24, 2015

S A N S KI R I T - E D E N I C , Part 3 of 3

Pancu  (five)  <   M231 חופן   K[H]oaPHaN (hand measurement)

Pari (through) < S-B עביר, עבר[A]BHeeyR, AyBHeR, pass through,
      over; the far side [FERRY, OVER]

Pat (expand) <  1. S-F  הפיץ HayPHeeYTS , to spread, 2.  פתה  PaTaH is
    to open wide     [PATIO]

phala (fruit) ; phalati  (to bear or produce fruit) <  S-L פרי P'ReeY, fruit

Pippali (pepper) <  B?.  פלפל PeeLPaiL (pepper) is a talmudic word, but the
   Aramaic       פלפלתא    PeeLPaLTAh is even older  [PEPPER]

 puuri, pur (city, as in Singapore)  < 1. S-B    בירה BeeYRaH capital city,
     castle, fort [SINGAPORE]; 2.  S-L אפל   OPHeL (fortified mound)

Putra (son), Rajput (royal family) < S-B 1.   בת BahT (daughter),
    2.בית   BaYiT (family, house)     [PEDIATRICIAN]

                    Raja, rajah (ruler) < S-G רועה  RoaGHah (shepherd, ruler or king)  [RAJAH]
     [before “the Lord is my shepherd”, Egyptian kings held shepherd crooks]

Rama (exalted Hindu deity)  < רם RaM (exalted)  [RUM]

riná-t (to pour or let flow)  <  ß נהר NaHaR  (to flow)   [INERT]

 ru  (light)   <  ß S-L  אור OWR, light  [AURA]

sabar  (sap, juice, nectar) <  S-F   זוב ZOOBH (drip, flow) [SEEP]

Sabta (seven)  <  1. S-F S-B  שבת SHaBaT (seven-day period),
     2. שבע   SHeBH[A]h (7)  [SEPTEMBER]

Shakti (power of the universe, the root meaning “strong”) <   ß or M231
        חזק   K[H]aZaQ,  strong [HAS]
Shash (six)  <  שש SHaiSH (six)  [SIX]

Shila  (rock) <  M132  סלע $eL[A]h  [SILICON]
Shira (head) < ß   ראש ROaSH, head [SIRE]
Sku (to cover) <  שכך $aKHaKH  (to cover)   [OBSCURE]

Smrt (to remember, be mindful)  < S-F  שמרSHoaMeR (to keep, guard,
    watch)    [SAMURAI]
    Note: Smart Watches have lots of memory.

srgala (jackal, wild dog) <  (extra liquid)   שועל  SHOOGHaL [JACKAL]

Sri (resplendent… in Sri Lanka)  < S-F  זהר ZoHaR, resplendent, radiant
   [OSCURE]  (Ezra Harris)

Sthavira  (thick, stout), [a cognate of STABLE in the AHD] <
    נצב (Nee)TSaBH, standing steadfastly [STABLE]

sūrí  (prince) < שר SahR, leader, ruler, officer [SIRE]

Sutra (thread, or thread-like thing that holds things -- later texts -- together)
       <  S-D  סדר $eDeR (arrangement); שדרה  SiDRaH,  a row, array of
       soldiers, streets, etc.;  שדרה  SHeeDRaH, spinal column [STREET]

svadus (sweet)  <  ß a fully reversed   S-F דבש D(V)ahSH (honey);
    הדביש HeeD'BeeYSH, is to ferment (become sweet)   [SWEET]

Svasti (living in good condition)  <  שבע Sa[V]ay[A]h (satisfied)

Talina  (thin, fine, slender, meagre) < S-D  דל DahL, poor, thin [DILUTE]

 tulā (scales, balance, weight)  <  תלה    TaLaH , to hang, suspend (as on
       a scale).  Also,   ט-ל   Tet-Lamed “weighing” words, and cognates like
       DOLLAR at [ATLAS.]

Ushas or uṣás  (dawn)  <  אש AiSH (fire… dawn is the time of fiery red
          skies)     [ASIA]

Tikki (peacock)  < תוכי TOOKeeY (parrot, exotic bird with fan tail)

Toka (child; young goat) <  ß גדי  GiDeeY, kid of goat (also used in English
     For rambuntious human children or TYKES)  [KID]

Tri (three)  <  S-L  תלתT’LaT (three) in Aramaic  >   שלוש   SHaLOASH,
      three   [TIRZA RIMA]

vasati  वसति   (to dwell, live, stop, stay) and  ā-vāsa    आवास (abode,
   residence, dwelling) < may not be from בית  BaYi (S), house,  as much as
   from the fricative-bilabial synonyms by reversal :  ישב YaSHa(V)  (sit, 
   tarry,   dwell— Genesis 29:19) , ישוב YiSHOO(V)  is a settlement, 
   and  שבת    SHe(V)eT (rest – Exodus 20:19), a sitting or dwelling –
   Psalms 27:4)  and a place, spot, location – II Samuel 23:7)  [ABODE]

Yoga (union)  <   S-G   יחד Yee[K]HooD (togetherness, union)       [JUXTAPOSE]