Tuesday, June 23, 2015

S A N S K R I T - E D E N I C, Part II of III

(If you need the KEY, and don't have Part I, see www.edenics.org)

Kala (a god of time) <  S-L קרה QaRaH, to occur  [OCCUR]

kalaśah (source of Hindi kalaś, sacred water vessel) < כלי KeLeeY, vessel,
     in Numbers 19:18  vessel of purification ritual    [SCULLERY]

Kama or  kaamah   (desire, love… god of love) < S-G   חם K[H]aM,
    warmth;  חמד    K[H]aMahD (to lust, desire)     [AMITY]

Kan.d (to pound)  <  M231 S-D  טחן  DTaK[H]ahN, to grind  [CHIN]

Kantas (lance) <  חנית K[H]aNeeYT, short spear, javeline  [CENTER]

Kapi (ape)  < S-B קוף   KOAPH (monkey)  [APE]
Karaavala (sword)  < S-G   חרב K[H]eRE(V), sword  [HARPOON]

Karma (what goes around comes around)  <  S-G   גרםGaRaM (to cause);
     Aramaic, Syriac: to determine.This significant, Torah-like principle of
     Hindu karma is about גרום GROAM (causation, bringing about the
     universe’s reactions to our actions). [GERM]

krátu   (ability, power) <  S-L  יכלת YiKHoLeT, ability  [COULD] RW

Krmi (worm)  < M312 S-G  רמה ReeMaH  (worm)  [WORM]

Krpana  (sword) < S-B   חרב [K]HeReBH, sword    [HARROW]

Krsna (dark, black.. as in the deity Krishna)  < M231  שחור  SHaK[H]OAR
    (black)   [OBSCURE]

Lila  (divine activities among Man; a play)  <  עלילה [A]LeeLaH, deed,
     action (Jeremiah 32:19); EDK adds “scene”, as in a play,
     and the meanings to insert or thrust in;  עלילה [A]LeeLaH (Psalms 66:5
     is specifically divine plots) and in  Medrash Tanhuma 4  the term clearly
    refers to covert, divine interaction in human affairs      (Ezra Harris)

Madana (delightful)  < מעדן M[A]’aDahN, delicacy (Genesis 49:20), delight
      (Proverbs 29:17)     [HEDONISM]

Madhya  (center, middle) < מדד MaDaD, to measure [METER[

Madha, madhu  (sweet)  < S-D  S-G   מתוק   MaTOAQ  [MUSK]

Mahira (the sun) <   מאורMA’OAR, luminary [ORIOLE]

 Malaya (mountain… source of Malay, Malayan) <  ß , S-Lרמה   RaMaH
   (high place, height) [RUM]

Marya  (youth)  < S-N  נער Na’[A]R (youth)  [MORON]

Matis  (thinking) <   S-D   מדע  MaD[A]h, science, knowledge or mind; 
     למד LaMaD, to  learn and  מד  MahD  is about (figuring) measurement

máyas  enjoyment, delight, happiness  <  M231 שמח SaMeya[K]H,
          happy, glad  [SMUG]

náktam नक्तम्    (night) <  נחת   NaK[H]aT, rest  ]NIGHT[   RW