Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Creator's S H A M A S candle


 שמש S(H)eMeSH is the sun (Deuteronomy 4:41).   It can be broken down toשם  SHahM  (there – Genesis 2:12) +  אשAiSH (fire – see “ASIA”) or “fire is there.”

 The SUN  is related to a  שמש SHaMahSH (servant, sexton ).  The synagogue caretaker or beadle, Hebrew   שמש SHaMahSH or Yiddish  sham’is is from Aramaic. Coptic shemshe is a servant
  The sun is the Creator’s most visible shamis candle in our solar system.

Ancient animists and worshipers of the SUN  have been so impressed by the flashy brass buttons of the downstairs doorman 
(the Creator’s servant, the sun), that they forgot about addressing his boss, the landlord, in the penthouse way above.

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