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SLAP        TSaLahPH          Tsade-Lamed-Phey
Tsahl-LUFF_____צלף_____[TS-L-PH) à SLP]
ROOTS:  The Amer. Heritage Dict. puts SLAP with the pretend Indo-European (IE) “root” leb-1 (hanging loosely) as a cognate of “slob” and “slab.”    “Slob” does sound a bit like “slap,” but the academic approach of all-Sound-and-no-Sense is far below Edenic standards.   
 Aramaic  צלף  TSaLaPH (to beat with the hand, whip or lash) is far less loose an etymon.  The Aramaic establishes this root as Edenic, while it doesn’t appear in the Hebrew Bible until Nehemia 3:30 .... where it means a gashing, splitting beating (as with lashes).

BRANCHES:  There was no IE “root” available for STRAFE, STRAP (verb) and STRIPE (a flogging stroke or bruise).  All three are easily from צלף  TSaLaPH after a mere liquid shift (R from Lamed/L). 

More “whip” and “flog” words in Google Translate are from בעט Ba’[A]DT or Ba’aGH’DT to beat – see “BEAT” or the related bilabial-dental  פצע PeTS[A]h, bruise, wound  (Genesis 4:23). 

 But several forms of  צלף  TSaLaPH seem to appear.  Remember that צ Tsade can be a dental or fricative.  Some, like Italian, is unrelated to Latin, and is an M321 or full reverse (with liquid shift, R from Lamed/L) of our Edenic etymon:  Belarusian пароць paroć;   Bulgarian плющя plyushtya; Dutch zweep (to flog);   Italian frusta is a whip or lash;  frustare is the verb; Kannada ಬಾರಿಸು bārisu ; Korean팔다 palda. Latvian pērt is flog; Lituanian has Biržyti, flog and įperti, lash, whip, thrash, strap. The Hungarian “whip,” ostor, may have dropped the end-Phey.


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