Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Sound and Sense of Scraping


A   גרב GeReBH  is a smooth, bald patch on the skin

as if shaved by as if shaved by a גלב GaLaBH (barber)

-- see "GLABROUS."

One doesn’t quite shave with a garden hoe or מגרפה  MiGRayPHaH or a חרב  K[H]eReBH,  blade of a sword.

 But the music and meaning are there for anyone with ears and something between them.  For these similar guttural-liquid-bilabials, (throat/tongue/lips or G, K[H]/R,L/BH.PH)
 see “SCRAPER” and “CARVE

Relax. I haven't shaved since 7/19/97.

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  A   גרב GeReBH is a smooth, bare  patch on the skin

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