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REPROACH for the Big Dicts., and the bitterness of Gorki Park

OUR DICTIONARIES are  beyond REPROACH.   After all, their work is the published standard in our reference libraries.

But we can get past this unearned veneration when we see the slipshod methods that allow the Amer. Heritage Dict., for example,  to assume that APPROACH and (conciliatoty) RAPPROCHEMENT are cognate with the condemnation of REPROACH .

What the “suthorities” are suggesting is that words that are spelled similarly (spelling is a recent convention) are likely related -- logic be damned.  And we should all keep in mind that spelling is a recent convention. And correct English spelling is notoriously dum, I mean dumb.

The Amer. Her. Dict. has all three ROACHES (but not the bug) coming from Latin prope, near, and the impossibly large White lie called an "Indo-European root” per -1  (base of prepositions of words indicating points of time or space…).

The עבר “OVER” entry covers the ב-ר  Bhet-Resh/BH-R family that our Semitically-challendened scholars are trying to describe.
  חרף   K[H]aRaPH is to reproach (Proverbs 27:11  -- see  “SHARP”).
        חרף       K[H]eRPaH is reproach, shame (Genesis 34:14).

The P-R-CH of "rePROACH" must be reversed to  ח-ר-ף  
 Het-Resh-Phey/K[H]-R-P to see how this word was “confused.”
   To ‘re-“ “proach” does not mean to anything near “to come close to once again.”   But this is not the only instance of alleged etymologies making no sense.       

  For the sharp, acrid and cold senses of REPROACH, see the brand new “PICRIC ACID” entry. What? You never heard of picrid acid? Neither did I. PICR(IC   ACID)   K[H]aReeYPH     Het-Resh-Yod- Phey
Khah-REEF                 _ חריף                       [KPK]
ROOTS:  The off-tasting, hypothethical  IE “root” of PICR-  and  PICRO- words is peig -1,  also peik (to cut,  mark by incision).  The non-fiction root is Greek pikros, sharp, bitter.

This is an M213 metathesis of  חריף  K[H]aReeYPH, sharp, bitter, pungent.
This popular Israeli food word comes from the Arabic, but the pedigree is Edenic.

Aramaic and Syriac  חריף  K[H]aReeYPH, sharp,  pungent is both related to the  1) acridity of REPROACH  (,  חרפה  K[H]eRPaH of Genesis 34:14) , and the sharp, bitterness of winter (Genesis 8:22, Isaiah 18:6 – see “HIBERNATE”). Yes, French hiver, winter, is a scrambled form of [K]HoaRePH, winter.

Only a sleeping bear can not hear HIBERnate and hiver,but only you Edenics readers can know what they mean and why tthey mean it.   חרף   K[H] aRaPH is to reproach (see  “REPROACH”  and  “SHARP”).
חרב  חלף   For related, literally  sharp-edged words like חרב [K]HeReBH (sword) – see  “CARVE” and “HARROW.” BRANCHES: Examples of a  PICR- words besides PICRIC ACID include POICRATE and PICROTOXIN.  If you are not Hispanic, Middle Eastern, etc. you can see why    חריף  K[H]aReeYPH  (sharp, bitter, pungent)  can be  a “mild burning” sensation.  That is,  חרה K[H]aRaH (to burn – see “CHAR”) plus  רפה  RaPHaH (to be weak/.

Slavic “bitter words seem to register that burning taste, with Czech horki, Polish gorzki and Russian gorki. --------------

Posted from a burnt-out Safed. Not enemy rocket fire; native Pious Pyros celebrating Lag B'Omer with bonfires.

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