Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Edenics MISHUGAAS

It was an accident.  I didn't want to bring Yiddish into this.  I was working with Swahili.
Ah nechtiger tahg!

The founders of Esperanto met informally after their big conventions. 
 Naturally, they spoke Yiddish. 
 Luftmenschen!  The old Jewish Jewish dream of uniting Mankind.

Here's the entry:

MISHUGA   (Yinglish)  MiSHOOGaH   Mem-Shin-Vav-Gimel-Hey

Mih-SHOOG-a____               _____  משוגה _____________[SH-G]

ROOTS:   Normally, Yiddish words sometimes used in English (Yinglish) are left to Leo Rosten’s dictionaries.  This was no  MISHUGAAS (neurotic craziness) of a MISHUGANER or michiginer (a crazy person, too easily mistaken for a with a person from Michigan). (Random House Dictionary, 2010) calls MESHUGA or MISHUGGA (senseless) a slang word that entered English from Yiddish meshuge  in 1880.


There are no known non-borrowed English cognates, but the Asian  and African ones needed an entry.


   משוגה MiSHOOGaH is an  error, and  Japanese machigai is an error.  The root is actually just  ש-ג    Shin-Gimel. 


שגה    SHaGaH is to go astray, Syriac-Aramaic SHiGAh, means “he erred;”    שגיהSHiGeeYaH is an error in Psalms 19:13.     The ש-ג   Shin-Gimel root appears earliest when discussing the sacrifices needed for the accidental sin,  in verses like Leviticus  4:2.


BRANCHES:  In Cantonese an accident is shi gu.   Saga is an accident in  Korean.

Swahili “mistake” is (ma) kosa.  The guttural and fricative (throat and whistling letters) have changed places... not by accident.

The Japanese also had an M-prefix before their S-K "mistake" root.

Let's call that a happy accident.

Posted from a town where Yiddish is the third most spoken language, after Hebrew and Russian, just ahead of Amharic and English.  In the larger Galilee region, Arabic is no. 1. 

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