Monday, May 24, 2010

May Our Global Tribe Increase, Live Long and Prosper

The global tribe of  כהנים KoHaNim (priests) includes: Swahili kahini, Japanese  koyane, Hopi Indian kachinas and  Hawaii's big kahuna. 

There is a secular meaning of כהן KoHain as cheiftan, which is why King David's children are called Cohanim, even though they did not have Levi jeans, I mean Levitic genes.

This allows into the club such leaders as Genghis KHAN,  RizaKHAN Pahlavi, and Chinese kiun (prince --  whence tyCOON).

The priestly blessing has a special hand gesture made famous by Star Trek's Vulcan Science Officer, who would offer the blessing: "Live long and prosper."   Leonard
Nemoy learned this from his synagogue in the formerly Jewish Roxbury, Mass.
 ... a stone's throw from my elementary school.

Posted from Israel, where the priestly blessing is given daily, not just on festivals.

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