Wednesday, April 21, 2010

more than sufficient

  ספק $ayPHeQ  is sufficiency , by now you probably guessed this
SPK word is the source of SUFFICE, etc.

There are two more whistling-lip-throat words or fricative-bilabial-guttural words with similar sound and sense.

(It's not like Biblical Hebrew has a large vocabulary. But like that small nation, the Jews, Edenic words seem to all be related.)

#2 שבע SaBH[A]h is plenty, abundance  #3   שפע   SHePH[A]h is abundance, overflow.   

Ayin is a throaty guttural or a vowel.  

Edenic has no true synonyms with interchangeable meanings. We go from sufficiency to very satisfied, to more than one can handle.

שפח SHaPHaKH is spilling or pouring out.

How does a שפחה SHiPH'K[H]aH (maidservant) fit in?

She POURS the drinks.

Maybe she had to open a SPIGot for more liquid to pour out.

May sufficiency feel like abundance.

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