Saturday, April 10, 2010

the fabled Washer-Drier of Atlantis


ב-ש    Bhet-Shin sub-root appears in wet  Edenic terms like  דבש D’[V]ahSH (honey, honey dew,  and the camel's watery hump.


In the phrase "a land flowing with milk and honey"  we reverse that fricative-bilabial (whistling and lip letter) to the ז-ב   Zayin-Bhet of "flowing."

Such words are in the "SEEP" entry.


Now to switch from built-in synonyms, to engineered sound-alike opposites.


     יבש YaBHeSH    (that same fricative-bilabial, now reversed)  means dry.


This is the source of WIZEN, dried up. 


  באש   B’aAhSH is the stench and rot of stagnant, dried up liquid.  B'aSHaN means "stinker."   BISON were named for their powerful stink.


Bet-Shin/Sin  is another reversable Edenic word:  meaning dryness or wetness.  

The      יבשה     YaBaSHaH     "dryness" of Genesis 1:9 is not fully understood as  the single continent on planet Earth, the pristine Atlantis .  Does Genesis tell us when the single land mass broke up, and when the ongoing  Continental Drift began? 

 Yes, but in an off-hand-way, since the book is about ethics, not science and history.  Noah's grandson  is named Peleg in 10:25, because in his day the land was divided.  

You can hear an echo of this breakup in the word archiPELAGO.

A herd of elephants once separated by a river became what would be later known as Indian and African  elephants.  A good botanist good tell you that similar flora in South America and Africa indicates where the continents were once contiguous.  Human tribes didn't have to make immense, theoretical migrations.  (Bering Strait , etc.)  The planet did most of the moving for them.

Division, diversity is the m.o. of Creation from the get-go.  Soon after Peleg, that universal human language (a myth like Atlantis to linguists)  was also diveresified. Like Continental Drift in geology, after a Big Bang, there would be ongoing, natural breakup in language.   

Posted from Sefad, where imaging the Earth splitting apart is natural.                                                                       

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