Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's Your HURRY, Old Man River?

מהר    MaHeR means "in a hurry" or soon. מהר    MeeHaiR is to hurry or "hasten" in Genesis 18:6. מהיר   MaHeeYR is quick and diligent (Proverbs 22:29).


O.K. you get it, HURRY is from Hey-Resh.

  If you slow down a moment you'll think of other H-R words,   like HOUR.

And then there's a few thousand non-English languages.


   נהר     NaHahR  is to flow or run  (as a river – see the  “INERT” entry).

That's why  נהר     NaHahR  means "river."  And why RUN is נהר     NaHahR  backwards.  There's the Rhine and Rhone rivers, and a liquid shift lets you discover the source of the NILE.


To watch mortality invest in the bank of a river.


Back to Hey-Resh.

   הרף    HeReF is a “moment”  or “instant.”

Sixty years ac pass in a HeReF AYiN, "blink of  an eye."


There are no two Hebrew letters more similar than  ה   Hey  and   ח  Het.


Yet  אחר A[K]HahR  means " to remain long, tarry " (Genesis 32:5)


The  הר Hey-Resh sub-root of quickly moving time has a built-in antonym only a slight guttural shift away in    חר  Het-Resh .                                                                                                
Solutions, even to mortality, are right  there, they are built in.
You're too pressed for time?   Take time off.  Every Sabbath for instance.

מחר   Mak[H]aR , with Het-Resh, means "tomorrow."
Tommorrow hurries,  מהר    MaHeR.   German morgan  (tommorow) is from  מחר   Mak[H]aR .     (M132 metathesis, M-KH-R -> MRG).
MORNING is a mangled morgan.  
We must not let our days be a blurry babble of rushing water.

Eternally yours, Isaac

Posted from the timeless town of Sfat.

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