Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Even the Apalling has a Bright Side


אפלה Aleph-Phey-Lamed-Hey and   בהיר     Bet-Hey-Yod-Resh  form an antonym pair with  bilabial-liquid shifts and liquid shifts. Lip-made, and tounge-made letters.


The Force that made the mouth, and our music of meaning, have paired these seemingly different words.


     אפלה   APHayLaH, darkness  is the source of that gloomy word, PALL.

  בהיר BaHeeYR, shining, bright,  gives us the B-R of BRIGHT . 

 It is an extension of   בר  BahR,  (pure).  



Posted from "The Seven" Street, named for seven children murdered to make a point of how just the killers' cause is.


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