Monday, March 1, 2010

to be a Canaanite

Moses (Mosheh) leads me out of the desert, and drives me to the Galilee in an hour.
My new apt. is a mile from the duplex cave where Shem (son of Noah, and his son Ever -- another  meanibg of IVRit or Hebrew) taught the new kid, Abram the Chaldean, the language of Eden that all younger people had lost in the neurolinguistic upheaval at the Tower of  Babel (Shinar or Sumer).

I'm moving to a neighborhood of Sfad called K'nan, as in the land of Canaan. I shall be a Canaanite?! 

 I hope not, but in honor of extinct Semitic neighbors I began a short Hittite list.

My Israeli cable guy is due in tomorrow, so I hope to not miss a beat.


Hittite   (extinct IE)         [from a brief foray into letter S words from the dict. of Alwin Klockhorst . Cognates are often provided in Anatolian and others.]

Booty, plunder  sar  <  S-L  שלל  SHaLaL, booty (not the kind you shake, shake, shake) plunder.

Emminent person   sarko  <   שר SahR is a chief, leader, captain, minister or ruler  [SIRE, sir]

Grain, a certain kind of  <  שבולת SHeBOALeT,  [SPELT]

Help, support   sardi  <  עוזר [O]aWZeR, help  [AUXILLIARY]

Hide (skin)  suksuk(k   <   ß  חוץ  K[H]OOTS, outside,  a reduplicated reverse of Het-Tsadi  [HIDE]

One (number 1)  si   <     ß   אחת AK[H]aS, one.  [EACH]

Sleep   suppar <  S-L  שפל  SHaPHeL (low, brought low)  [SLEEP, soporific].

Sip  sarap  <  as in Arabic sharab, drink  [SYRRUP]

Stormclouds  sarayar, saraun   <   סער $a’[A]R, storm  [SQUALL]

Urine  sebur, sebun  <   S-B,  S-F  זבה  ZahBHaH, leak out  [SEEP]

This missive barely fired in time from Sderot.

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