Friday, March 19, 2010

let There Be ORR

Growing up with the last-place Boston Bruins hockey team, they were led to the top by superstar Bobby Orr. We would say with wonder,  ויהי אור
Va'YiHeeY OWR, "Let there be LIGHT."

Now with Fearhas MacFhionnlaigh's Gaelic links to Edenic, I discover that Orr really WAS
our Golden Boy. Yes,  Orr is a Celtic name.

אור 'owr (light)

òr (gold) [MacBain: Old Irish ór, Welsh aur, from Latin aurum]

Of course Latin aurum (gold) came from the Biblical "light" word, OWR.

I could give our "ORIOLE" entry, but lately our posts have been truncated  That's two Irish lists that you did not see. We'll have it up on soon.

 Without RAYS of light, we could not  ראה RoEH (see) --  reverse the vowel-R light word.
Posted from the Galilee.

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