Thursday, March 11, 2010

Diluted by Delilah

Superhero Samson was no match for the Philistine vamp Delilah.  Samson's name,      SHiMSHoaN, is about the shining   SHeMeSH or sun.  Is Delilah's name a play on the setting of that sun, in the vision-challenged night or    LahYLaH? 

Wailing guitar In the background:  "Laylah ... got me on my knees..."

Maybe just a play.  

Delilah's name means "WEAKENER."

I explain with an entry from the Edenics CD Dictioary (



DIL(UTE)     DooLahL    Dalet-Lamed-Lamed


ROOTS: To DILUTE is to thin down, weaken or reduce (a liquid). It is currently linked to Latin diluere (to wash away), where it is considered a cognate of "ablution," "lave" and "lye."


See "ALBINO" and  לבן La[V]aN (to whiten, wash) for the Hebrew etymology of these words.


         הדיל  HeeD’LeeYL is to dilute;  דליל DaLeeYL means sparse or thin. דל   DahL (Genesis 41:19) means weak, thin or poor; Egypt's canals    דללDalet-Lamed-Lamed -- DLL) "(di)minish" or "ebb" in Isaiah 19:6.


Samson’s Philistine girlfriend,  דלילה DILILAH (Judges 16), means “weakener.”  


Hebrew names go untranslated;  other Hebrew words are mistranslated.  Anyone calling themselves a Bible Reader who reads a DILUTED, non-Hebrew Bible, is deluded.


BRANCHES:    דלחה DiLee[K]HaH is the Modern Hebrew word for pollution.   DOLDRUMS, DOLT and DULL are DL terms that belong here,  rather than with the IndoE “root” dheu- ("to rise in a cloud").

To DILATE (enlarge) is an antonym  of increasing, linked to Hebrew terms like  תלל TeeLaiL (to pile or heap up) - see "TALL."

Like  דל DahL, Avestic driyu means poor” (liquid shift from Lamed to R) – see “DERVISH.”

Fearhas MacFhiomlaigh , invoking the established Tsadi-Dalet  (TS-D) relationship, suggests a link between      צלTSeL (shadow, shade) and  דלל  DaLaL (weak).  A shadow is a  visually weakened image of an original.  He presents a prooftext for   דלל DaLaL specifically referring to weak vision:  דַּלּוּ עֵינַי לַמָּרֹום ("my eyes fail with looking up" Isaiah 38:14).  In  Scots Gaelic  dal  means “blind.”    (Dililah’s victim went eyeless in Gaza.)

FM also provides the following:  dall  = blind in Irish; in Early Irish it is dal; Welsh and Breton have dall;  the   Cornish “blind” is  dal.   *Dvalno-  and  dhvḷ-no-  are  Indo-European  reconstructions covering English DULL  and  the D-L Greek word  θολερός meaning  turbid.    He ends with a blind animal name in Irish:  dallag or dallóg ,  a mole.

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