Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the answer is blowin' in the wind

שטף SHeDTahPH (to flood with a sudden burst) is the source of SPATE, SPIT and a sudden SPAT that might involve a SPATE of regrettable words. An M132 metathesis, STP --> SPT, will unscramble these derivatives.

שטפון SHeeDTaPHOAN is a sudden deluge or inundation. Flash floods from torrential storms were a mortal danger here in the Negev desert last week.

שדפון  SHeeDaPHOAN  sounds similar. It means a blighting East wind (Genesis 41:6). You can look at it as related opposite word. Like a downpour, a wave (of wind) is involved.  In the same way, אד AiD (mist, the nurturing vapor of Eden) gave us EDDY, which can involve a wave of wind or water.

The  שטפון SHeeDTaPHOAN is the opposite of a שדפון SHeeDaPHOAN because, while the former can be rough, it is largely good for vegetation. (9 years worth of rainfall fell here in this thirsty region over 2 days last week.) As seen in the context of Pharoa's dream, the שדפון SHeeDaPHOAN
is a long blast of hot wind that kills vegetation. The two similar opposites words share a fricative-dental (whistling and tooth-ridge) sub-root. The ש-ד Shin-Dalet more easily is an extension of harmful roots, like in שד SHoaD (destruction) and שדד SHaDahD (devastation).

A positive, even wet ש-ד  Shin-Dalet sub-root speaks to שטף SHeDTeF. (Remember, in Edenics sound and sense trumps spelling -- even though spelling is a crucial guide.) שדה  SaDaH is to moisten or besprinkle. שדה SaDeH is an irrigated, well-kept field. The source of SODDEN (soaked).

This missive fired from Sderot.

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