Monday, December 19, 2016

Initial א Aleph prefix of negation

THE ALEPH/A PREFIX - א of negation


Aleph-Yod,אי  EeY, is a standard negative prefix, added on to words with a hyphen.  Here it is proposed that the initial Alef/A letter alone, within a three-consonant root, can sometimes function in this same way.

In English the prefix A- means “not,” as in ASYMMETRICAL. 

The Indo-European (IE) root for A- is ne (not), just as the Hebrew prefix, Aleph-Yod or אי EeY- is believed to be a short form of אין  AiYN, not  Sanskrit has both a- and an-.  [INSOMNIA]

The negative prefix Aleph-Yod is found in I Samuel 21:4.  A baby boy is named Ichabod to say איכבד Eey-KaBHoaD, “there is no” honor.  In Phoenician the negative prefix is also אי EeY.  In Modern Hebrew, איפשר EeY-EFSHaR means “impossible.

It is not impossible that Aleph alone can mean “not” without being an abbreviation of אין AiN (not).  Just as Aleph can be an article, like “A” meaning “one exists.”  [A]  This chapter is all about the existence of negative images, of anti-matter, like negative numbers in the perfect, designed world of mathematics.  Aleph/A should therefore also be able to infer that “none exists.”  Such is the science of Edenics, “the thing and its opposite” in terms of Hebrew studies.  So think of this proposed Aleph/A prefix as an anti-article.

In an important component of the ancient Semitic languages that add to our knowledge of Proto-Semitic or Edenic, Akkadian, ai, e or i is this negative prefix.  There is no Yod or Y, nor any indication that it is an abbreviation of a longer negative term.  Moreover, I and ii mean “not” in Saami (Lapp).

There are several Edenic words that begin with Aleph, where the Aleph alone can mean negation.  No negative prefix is employed or intended.  Nonetheless, when one analyzes the Edenic word as a chemical compound, with modular elements of meaning, a one-letter (Aleph) element of negation emerges to “negate” the two-letter sub-root.  Here are 14 examples:

1) אבל ABHaL, Aleph-Bhet-Lamed, but, only (Genesis 42:21). בלל Bet-Lamed means a mixture of components [BALL].  A + BL could mean NOT mixed together with others – as in “but” and “only.”

2) The other Aleph-Bhet-Lamed word is pronounced אבל ABHeL, meaning: a mourner or the verb to mourn.  [OWL] [WAIL]  The noun of mourning is אבל AyBHeL.  Once again the two-letter sub-root is בל B-L togetherness seen at “BALL” and the world’s most popular language-sound for “two.”  Mourning is about feeling the isolation of losing the two-ness, the relationship with a loved one.  The Bet-Lamed mix or relationship has been negated (Aleph prefix) by death.

3)  אגוז  EGOAZ, Aleph-Gimel-Zayin, means a nut, that which is  אגז AGahZ or bunched together  [ZYGOTE]. גזז  GaZaZ means cut, shear, separate.
 A + GZ could mean that which is not separated.

4) אדם ADaM, Aleph-Dalet-Mem, means man, Adam, man of earth or earthling. ,דמ דממה Dalet-Mem means silence [DUMB].  A + DM could mean the one species (Man) that is “NOT silent,” as the world’s only speaker.

5) אדמה ADaMaH, Aleph-Dalet-Mem means earth, land.  [DEMOCRACY] דמ, דם  Dalet-Mem also means liquid.  [DAMP (A)].  A + DM could mean the dry land, or that which is NOT wet on this blue planet.

6) אדון ADOAN, Aleph-Dalet-Vav-Noon, means lord or master.  [ADONIS] דין, דון Dalet-Noon means law.  – [DAMN]  A + DN could mean the one entity NOT under the law, in someone else’s jurisdiction ( מדינהMiDeeYNaH). [MADONNA]

7) The  אזוב AyZOABH (hyssop plant -- Exodus 12:22) provides physical and spiritual cleansing for the ritually unclean, like the  discussed  זב  ZahBH (person with a uncontrolled discharge of sexual fluid or  a  זוב ZOABH --   Leviticus 15-33). [SEEP]

8) The final ח Het notwithstanding, an אזרח  EZRa[K]H  is a  citizen or native  (Leviticus 16:29), who is NOT (א)  an alien or stranger,  a   זר ZahR (Leviticus 22:13).

9) אכל AKHaL, Aleph-Khaf-Lamed, to consume, finish off, thus eat.  Khaf-Lamed is the sub-root of completeness. (WHOLE at the ALL entry)  At the “EAGLE” entry of this eminent destroyer and eater one sees the Khaf-Lamed word of completing a creation.  This wholeness and creation is negated with the Aleph prefix. 

10) אמת EMeT, Aleph-Mem-Tahf, means truth. [ETYMOLOGY] מת Mem-Tahf means death.  [CHECKMATE]  A + MT could mean that which is undying (truth).

11) אסר A$aR, Aleph-Samekh-Resh, is to harness, tie, forbid or imprison (Genesis 40:3).   סר Samekh-Resh means to turn aside or stray.  [SWERVE]  A + $R could mean confined and NOT allowed to stray. 

12)   אפרוח  EFROA’ahK[H], Aleph-Phey-Resh-Vav-Het,  is a chick, or baby bird.  פרח Pey/Phey-Resh-Het is to break out, to fly. [FLIGHT]  A + FRK means the baby chick as the bird that cannot yet manage flight.

13) אשכול ESHKOAL, Aleph-Shin-Kaph-Vav-Lamed, means a cluster or group.  [SCHOOL] שכול  SHiKOOL, just the Shin-Kaph-Vav-Lamed, means bereaved  [SINGLE].  A + SHiKOOL could mean NO individuals lost from the group (of children or grapes).

14) אשם ASHahM, Aleph-Shin-Mem, means guilt.  [ASHAMED]  שם  Shin-Mem is a name, fame and reputation (Genesis 4:17).  א / A + SH-M means the loss of face, of good name, of reputation that comes with shameful guilt.

It is possible that this initial-א  Aleph (negative “prefix” letter) thesis will not get enlarged and eventually accepted by the ultra-orthodox trilateralists, (often atheist Hebraists who are horrified at the idea of Divine Design). If so, then, at very least, these initial-Aleph words all provide more built-in sound-alike opposites, a staple of the physics of Edenics.