Friday, January 8, 2016

The Sound of Tying Up and Letting Go

אזר  AZaR, to gird together (II Kings 1:8). Its “synonym” by M132 metathesis is
 ארז  ARahZ is fimly bound, packed    (Ezekiel 27:24)      Both are at the[RICE] entry.    

אסר A$aR, to tie up (Genesis 14:20);   אסור  A$OOR later means “forbidden,” as
אסור Ay$OOR is a restrictive band or bond;
 אסור  A$OOR is one put in fetters (Judges 16: 21).  [ARREST] .

צור TSOOR is to bind up (Deuteronomy 14:25);  
 צרר TSaRaR, to bind or wrap (Exodus 12:34) . [SARI]  

 של SHehL (pro.) , belonging to (as in bound up with);
 שלב SHahLe(V), to bind, join. [LOOSE]
  שלשלת  SHaLSHeLeT, a chain (linked tightly together) -- attested in Akkadian, etc.

  Then the  whistling-tongue  and Shin-Lamed “antonyms”or designed opposites of letting go:

סלח $aLa[K]H is the letting go of forgiveness. To ABSOLVE. (Exodus 34:9).
של  SHahL, remove! or LooSen! (as Moses must do to his tied sandals in Exodus 3:5)
שלך SHaLahKH, to throw off  (like the שלח  SHLa[K]H of “Let my people go” -- Ex. 7:16) ,
      to neglect (Ezekiel 23:5) or to reject (Jeremiah 7:15).
שלל  SHaLahL, loot, plunder…what you loosen or remove from the vanquished enemy (I Saml. 30:20)
שלשל SHiLSHOOL, diarrhea… loosening of the bowels. (Not Biblical, but important for tourists.)

At the “LOOSE” entry there are related words headed by “weak” letters like ח  Het.  The root חלץ [K]HaLahTS is about girding, and a blouse (like the sari), but it also is a verb for removing a shoe.  There is the LASSITUDE or letting go of חלש  K[H]aLahSH, weak.  More STRICTURE and RESTRICTION with LACE or LASHING, and LAISSEZ FAIRE looseness and LEASING out can be seen in other whistling-tongue and tongue-whistling words in E-Word.
                  לשון  LIQUIDS   ;  שורק FRICATIVE