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I T A L I A N from E D E N I C, Part III

(the "reverse" arrow comes out as a German S;
see "X" refers to entries in the E-Word Digital Dict.,
for the above, and the Key to symbols below, see

dama (lady)  <  S-N  feminine of   אדון ADOAN, lord – see “MADONNA”
danza (dance) < Nדץ DahTS, to leap with elation – see “DANCE”
de’cade (ten days or years) < ß   אחד  EK[H]aD, one… one set of 10
    – see “COUNT”
defluire (to flow) < S-B יבל YaBHahL and PeLeG, stream
     – see “ARCHIPELAGO”
denso (dense) <  M132  דשן DaSHeN, fat, thick – see “DENSE”
deserto (desert, lonely, vacant)  < S-D  שריד SaReeYD, sole survivor 
   -- see “DESERTER”
Di (to, at and other prepositions) <  עד  [A]hD,  until, at, to – see “AT.”
Diga  (dam, dike) < S-G   דיק   DaYaiQ , siege-wall, bulwark or rampart 
   -- see “DIKE”
Dileg’gio (to scoff at) < לעג  La’[A]hG, to scoff at – see “LAUGH”
Dorso (back)  < M231  שדרא SHeeDRAh, spine  -- see “DORSAL”
Ed  (and)  < עוד [O]aD, furthermore  -- see “AND”
E’lica (helix) < עגול [E]GoL, round  -- see “EGG”
Evviva! (long live!)  <  אביב A[V]eeY[V], spring, time of nature’s revival 
  – see ‘VIVID”
Fico (fig) <  S-G       פגFahG, fig – see “FIG”
Freddezza (coldness); freddo (cold) <  Arabic barid, cold < 
       ברד BaRahD, frozen (rain…hail)   -- see “SANGFROID”
Frusta  (whip, lash);   frustare (to slap, whip) < S-L    ß  or M321  צלף  TSaLaF, to whip, flog,      give stripes with a strap – see “SLAP”

Gabinetto  (toilet)  <  S-G  קבה  QooBaH, compartment, brothel 
   -- see “ALCOVE,” “CAB,” “CUBBY”
Gargarozzo (throat)  <  גרגרת GaRGeReT, windpipe, and translated
    as "throat" in    Proverbs 3:3 – see “GARGLE.” 
Gelato (ice cream, adj. frozen) <   S-D גלידה     GLeeYDaH,  Modern
     Hebrew ice cream <    Arabic galid, cold  < Edenic  גליד  GaLeeYD,
     congealed  – see “CRYOGENICS” 
Ghetto (wall, a walled-in area for medieval Jews)  <  S-D   גדר  GeDeR, gate – see “GARDEN”
Guanto  (glove)   < S-G  S-N   קמץ     QaMahTS, closed hand 
-- see "GAUNTLET"
Gigante (giant) < B.  עוג   GHOAG, the gigantic King of Bashan 
– see “OGRE”
Grado (degree, step, level) <  ß ה רג ד  DaRGaH, step, grade, rank  
-- see “DEGREE”

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