Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are Acclaimed Hebrew Dictionaries Better Than Edenics ? Look to the ant.

While the גמל     GaMaL,  CAMEL   is a large work animal  for עמל GHaMaL (work), a tiny hard-working animal is the נמלה NiMaLaH (ant -- Proverbs 6:6.   נמלה NiMaLaH may be combining נמוך NaMOOKH (lowly -- see "MEEK") and עמל [A]MaL (work).

Intitial Noon/N is rarely part of a sub-root. So "work" may be seen as the heart of the NiMaLaH (ant).

Ernest David Klein has the Post Biblical Hebrew word נמל NaMaL  (port) magically coming from a "metathesis from Greek limen, harbor"…a cognate of leimon, grassy meadow and Latin limus, slime.  Instead of this slop -- in a top-rated Hebrew dictionary --  it can be suggested that the word for "port" ( נמל NaMaL ) came from the same Semitic source word for nature's porter or stevedore, the   נמלהNiMaLaH (ant).

A PORT, a bay, gulf or haven , is about a topographical breach or מפרץ   (Mi)PHRaTS, gulf.  But a  נמל NaMaL, seaport, is about a work place.

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