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Another new entry, ... always working to make your recent Edenics digital dictionary somewhat obsolete.

(INTER)PRET    PaTahR    Pey-Tahf-Resh
Pa-TAR          פתר            [PTR à PRT]
ROOTS:. The given Indo-European (IE) "root" for INTERPRETATION is per - 6  (to traffic in, sell).
Not a hard sell is Edenic פתר  PaTahR (to explain, INTERPRET -- Genesis 40:6), while the letters are rearranged by an M132 metathesis,   (P-DT-R to PRT).  Requiring a similar metathesis is פטר  PaDTahR,  breaking open and releasing. 

Both similar Edenic etymons are about what happens when an unknown text is INTERPRETED.   See "FIRST" for similar breakthroughs.  A line of foreign poetry might open like a flower PETAL, another P,T + liquid.

BRANCHES: There is a tertiary etymon:  פשר   PiSHahR, to explain, to interpret.  The sense is strong, but a SH-to-T shift should happen with a  ת Tahf as Sahf, not a  ש Shin/SH.

Awareness of other languages was immediate, but even the Romans initially assumed that foreigners were stammering incomprehensibly.  (Look up "barbarian.")    Because it took a while to value INTERPRETATION   (it  is  in Genesis 31:47), the Latin word was widely borrowed:
interpretieren is to interpret in German.
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